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Goalball: The Canada women’s team gets a ticket to Paris 2024 with the American title

Date: November 24, 2023

Category: Goalball

The Canadian women’s Goalball team is the new American champion, and for that reason, they also qualify for Paris 2024 with the continental title in their pocket.

It was a very balanced and dramatic final with the USA, and the squad managed by Trent Farebrother was the one who kept the cold blood longer and more persistently during the match.

Emma-Leigh Reinke was the Canadian star of the final, scoring three of the four goals that gave the team the title and stamped the Canadian passport to the next Paralympic Games in France next year.

#Accessibility – The whole Canadian women’s team in the podium with their Gold medals on and the mascot ‘Fiu’ on their hands.

“This was a dream come true! The USA was a tough opponent, but after the first two goals, we started to feel more confident, especially after what happened in the first match of the tournament, in which we lost to the USA with mistakes for which we could only blame ourselves. We corrected that, and here we are, celebrating the gold medal and the qualification to Paris,” said Emma, the best scorer of the Canadian team.

#Accessibility – The USA women’s Goalball team in the podium with their silver medals on and the mascot ‘Fiu’ on their hands.

In the bronze match decision, Brazil defeated Argentina by the maximum difference possible in Goalball (10-0), with five goals from Danielle Vilas Longhini, three from Moniza de Lima, and the other two from Jessica Vitorino and Katia Ferreira.

#Accessibility – The Brazilian women’s Goalball team in the podium with their bronze medals on and the mascot ‘Fiu’ on their hands.

Check out the results of the finals and final standings of the podium:

Friday, 24th
Brazil vs Argentina: 10-0
Canada vs USA: 4-3

1st – Canada
2nd – The USA
3rd – Brazil

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