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Goalball: New Asia Pacific champions known this Friday

Date: July 28, 2022

Category: Goalball

Japan and Iran (men) and Korea and Australia (women) will play this Friday to meet the new Asia Pacific Goalball champions!

In the men’s competition, Japan didn’t have much trouble overcoming Thailand, and they remained undefeated. It was the first male team to be granted access to the final. The second was Iran, but the Korean opponent was only beaten in overtime by the golden goal, and after an amazing turn in the score. Korea was always losing most of the time and got the advantage (6-5), but the experienced Iranians tied it just before the final whistle and forced the overtime.

In the women’s tournament, Korea stayed out of the semi-finals because of their leadership in the group, leaving the decision of the second finalist to Iran and Australia, and the victory smiled on the Pacific women, setting the final between Korea and Australia.

Check all the results from Day 4:

July 28th
Thailand vs Iran (men): 5-15
Korea vs Australia (men): 12-2
Iran vs Thailand (women): 11-1
Australia vs Korea (women): 2-3
Japan vs Thailand (men): 12-2
Korea vs Iran (men): 6-7* golden goal
Iran vs Australia (women): 1-7

Final standings (men)
1st Japan (12P-4G-4W-42-16)
2nd Korea (9P-4G-3W-1L-34-16)
3rd Iran (6P-4G-2W-2L-41-25)
4th Thailand (3P-4G-1W-3L-23-45)
5th Australia (0P-4G-4L-10-48)

Final standings (women)
1st Korea (9P-3G-3W-17-8)
2nd Iran (6P-3G-2W-1L-15-10)
3rd Australia (3P-3G-1W-2L-9-5)
4th Thailand (0P-3G-3L-9-27)

Round robin top scorer (men)
1st Mohammad Estarki (IRI): 25
2nd Kaneko Kazuya (JPN): 16
3rd Sanu Yuto (JPN): 11

Round robin top scorer (women)
1st Brodie Smith (AUS): 25
2nd Samira Jalilvand (IRI): 20
3rd Seon Sim (KOR): 16

July 29th
8.00 am – Bronze medal: Thailand vs Korea (men)
9.30 am – GOLD: Korea vs Australia (women)
11.00 am – GOLD: Japan vs Iran (men)

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