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Goalball: National teams for the 2023 IBSA World Games

Date: January 27, 2023

Category: Goalball

After the review of the applications, the IBSA Goalball Sport Committee selected sixteen (16) men’s teams and sixteen (16) women’s teams to invite for participation in the 2023 IBSA Goalball Paralympic Ranking Tournament.

Selection is based on team performance at the previous IBSA World Goalball Championships, followed by the ranking of teams within their regional qualification tournaments preceding the previous IBSA Goalball World Championships.

LOC will contact all countries invited by the National Federation soon to provide more information and obtain confirmation of participation.

In a case of cancellation, the choice of the next team can be made inside the region by the best-ranked team on the waiting list (in the presented order). A region may not be allocated more than half the available tournament slots.

Women’s teams

1 Great Britain
2 Israel
3 Denmark
4 Portugal
5 Germany
6 Finland
7 Greece
8 Japan
9 Australia
10 China
11 Canada
12 USA
13 Brazil
14 Algeria
15 Egypt
16 Cameroon*

Waiting lists:
Europe (Ukraine, Spain, Italy)
Asia/Pacific (-)
Americas (Argentina, Mexico, Guatemala)
Africa (Kenya)

*Asia/Pacific region was not able to occupy their full allocation; this spot left unoccupied was allocated to teams by the IBSA Goalball Sub-Committee depending on when their application to participate in the tournament was received (Cameroon).

Men’s teams

1 Great Britain
2 Ukraine
3 Lithuania
4 Turkiye
5 Germany
6 Belgium
7 Portugal
8 Japan
9 Iran
10 Korea
11 Australia
12 USA
13 Argentina
14 Canada
15 Algeria
16 Egypt

Waiting lists:
Europe (Greece, Finland, Spain, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic);
Asia/Pacific (Iraq)
Americas (Mexico, Peru)
Africa (Cameroon, Kenya).

If a region is not able to occupy their full allocation, those spots left unoccupied will be allocated to teams by the IBSA Goalball Sub-Committee, depending on when their application was received.

Women’s order: Spain, Kenya, Guatemala, Ukraine, Italy, Argentina and Mexico.

Men’s order: Cameroon, Spain, Greece, Kenya, Finland, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Mexico, Czech Republic, Peru.

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