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Goalball: Montenegro will decide two more slots to Paris 2024 at the Euro A

Date: December 8, 2023

Category: Goalball

It is already this Saturday that Montenegro, at the Verde Complex in Podgorica, will host the 2023 IBSA Goalball European Championships – Division A. The kickoff, as well as all the men’s and women’s competitions, can be followed on the IBSA YouTube channel, so you can’t miss any part of the action live!

This Friday was the opening ceremony of the event, with the presence of the President of the Executive Board of IBSA, Mr. Ilgar Rahimov, and the President of the National Paralympic Committee of Montenegro, Mr. Igor Tomic.

#Accessibility – In the image, Mr. Ilgar Rahimov (on the left) and Mr. Igor Tomic (on the right) are both clapping and smiling in a moment during the opening ceremony of the 2023 IBSA Goalball European Championships in Podgorica, Montenegro, at the Verde Complex.

The best 19 national teams in Europe will play for the continental title, which means that both gold medalists, men and women, will have their qualification to Paris 2024 secured.

This reason is more than enough to stay tuned to what will happen in Podgorica for the next eight days.

Check out how the four groups are gathered, the stage group schedule, and the road to the finals (CET):

Pool A
Great Britain
Pool B

Pool C
Great Britain
Pool D

Saturday, 9th
9 am – Lithuania vs Germany (mA)
10.15 am – Belgium vs Greece (mA)
11.30 am – Germany vs Türkiye (wC)
12.45 pm – Hungary vs Finland (wD)
2 pm – Greece vs France (wD)
3.15 pm – Ukraine vs Israel (mB)
4.30 pm – Türkiye vs Finland (mB)

Sunday, 10th
9 am – Israel vs Greece (wD)
10.15 am – France vs Hungary (wD)
11.30 am – Montenegro vs Ukraine (mB)
12.45 pm – Israel vs Finland (mB)
2 pm – Great Britain vs Lithuania (mA)
3.15 pm – Germany vs Belgium (mA)
4.30 pm – Türkiye vs Great Britain (wC)
5.45 pm – Germany vs Ukraine (wC)

Monday, 11th
9 am – Ukraine vs Türkiye (mB)
10.15 am – Montenegro vs Israel (mB)
11.30 am – Finland vs Israel (wD)
12.45 pm – Greece vs Hungary (wD)
2 pm – Great Britain vs Germany (wC)
3.15 pm – Great Britain vs Belgium (mA)
4.30 pm – Greece vs Germany (mA)

Tuesday, 12th
9 am – Ukraine vs Great Britain (wC)
10.15 am – Lithuania vs Greece (mA)
11.30 am – Germany vs Great Britain (mA)
12.45 pm – Finland vs Ukraine (mB)
2 pm – Türkiye vs Montenegro (mB)
3.15 pm – Israel vs France (wD)
4.30 pm – Finland vs Greece (wD)

Wednesday, 13th
9 am – Finland vs Montenegro (mB)
10.15 am – Israel vs Türkiye (mB)
11.30 am – Belgium vs Lithuania (mA)
12.45 pm – Greece vs Great Britain (mA)
2 pm – Türkiye vs Ukraine (wC)
3.15 pm – Hungary vs Israel (wD)
4.30 pm – France vs Finland (wD)

Thursday, 14th
Quarter finals
8.30 am – A2 vs B3 (E)
10 am – B2 vs A3 (F)
11.30 am – A1 vs B4 (G)
1 pm – B1 vs A4 (H)
2.30 pm – A2 vs B3 (I)
4 pm – B2 vs A3 (J)
5.30 pm – A1 vs B4 (K)
7 pm – B1 vs A4 (L)

Friday, 15th
Semi finals
9 am – winner E vs winner H
10.30 am – winner F vs winner G
3 pm – loser E vs loser H
4.15 pm – loser vs loser H
12 pm – winner I vs winner L
1.30 pm – winner J vs winner K
5.30 pm – loser I vs loser L (Y)
6.45 pm – loser J vs loser K (Z)
8 pm – loser Y vs loser Z

Saturday, 16th
8 am – 7th place
9.15 am – 5th place
1 pm – bronze medal
4 pm – gold medal
10.30 am – 7th place
11.45 am – 5th place
2.30 pm – bronze medal
5.30 pm – gold medal

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