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Goalball: Israel and Finland are the new Euro B champions

Date: November 20, 2022

Category: Goalball

The men’s national team of Israel and the women’s national team of Finland are the 2022 IBSA Goalball European – Division B champions. The titles were conquered in the finals against both Greek teams, which were on the verge of becoming the stars of the tournament, which took place at the Centro de Desportos e Congressos de Matosinhos, in Portugal.

Besides the two silver medals for Greece, in the bronze matches, in the men’s competition, Finland defeated Great Britain (6-5), and in the women’s bronze match, Ukraine beat Hungary (10-1).

This means that the three top teams from Euro B will compete in Euro A next year.

Sweden and Bulgaria finished the stage group in 5th, so they were directly relegated to Euro C. The third team to go down was found in the match between Spain and Poland, which the Poles won (16-8), taking the Spanish to Division C.

Check the results from the last day and the final standings:

Men’s placements (5th to 8th)
Spain vs Denmark: 3-10

Men’s placements (5th to 8th)
Poland vs Portugal: 5-6

Men’s placements (7th and 8th)
Spain vs Poland: 8-16

Women’s placements (5th and 6th)
Portugal vs Spain: 7-6

Men’s placements (5th and 6th)
Denmark vs Portugal: 5-6

Women’s Bronze Game
Ukraine vs Hungary: 10-1

#Accessibility – Women’s goalball national team of Ukraine celebrating the bronze medal

Men’s Bronze Game
Finland vs Great Britain: 6-5

Finland’s men national team celebrating the bronze medal

Women’s Final
Greece vs Finland: 4-5

#Accessibility – Greece women’s goalball national team celebrating the bronze medal


#Accessibility – Finland women’s national team celebrating the god medal with Sandro di Girolamo, president of IBSA, and Henrique Calisto, Executive Director of Matosinhos Sport


Men’s Final
Greece vs Israel: 4-5

#Accessibility – Greece men’s national team celebrating the silver medal
#Accesibility – Israel crowned as European B champion in Matosinhos and the team is celebrating with the trophy

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