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Goalball: Four tickets granted to Paris 2024

Date: December 15, 2022

Category: Goalball

Brazil, China (men), Korea, and Turkiye (women) have secured their place in the Paralympic Games Paris 2024 just for being the finalists of the 2022 IBSA Goalball World Championships.

Gold and silver medals in the World Championships have direct access to the Paralympic Games, which means these four national teams have already granted their tickets to Paris 2024.With the host national team, France, six of the 16 teams for the competition are known.

All the semi-finals were absolutely extraordinary, worthy of true finals! Brazil and Lithuania (men) opened the direct road to the final with a tremendous match. The current two-time champions got the advantage at 2-0, but soon the legend Genrik Pavliukianec equalised and let Nerijus Montvydas turn the score to Lithuania’s side.

#Accessibility – Leomon Moreno is arming his throw to one of the six goals that he scored against Lithuania in the semi-final

Then started Leomon’s show scoring and Emerson’s exquisite performance in the center, and the rest is history. It’s not easy to score so many goals and have such a solid defence against Lithuania, but Brazil holds on bravely and got their spot in the finals and in Paris 2024 in great style.

#Accessibility – Chinese men’s national team of Goalball standing down in front of the scoreboard with the result of 9-4 against Ukraine which granted them the access to the final and to Paris 2024

Still in men’s competition, China was also impeccable against Ukraine. Curious detail, but both men’s semi-finals had the same result: 9-4.

#Accessibility – Women’s Goalball Korean national team celebrating in the field of play their way to Paris 2024

In the race for the women’s world title, Korea and Turkiye as finalists could be presented as surprises. Canada, which lost in the semi-finals to the Asian team, had already defeated them in the group stage (9-3). But the semi-finals are a different context, and all went well for Korea, which also got access to Paris 2024.

#Accessibility – Berfin Altan, Seydanur Kaplan, Sevtap Altunoluk, players of the Turkish women’s team, with Caner Balikgi (physio), and Baris Keskin (assistant coach) celebrating one goal in the bench

Israel started as the favourite, but Turkiye knew how to explore their weak points and manage to get all the way to the finals.

Check all the results of Day 9 and the schedule for the finals:


Day 9, 15th December
Quarter finals

Brazil vs Iran: 15-5
Lithuania vs Japan: 6-4
China vs Germany: 12-2
Turkiye vs Ukraine: 5-6
Canada vs Great Britain: 7-4
Japan vs Korea: 2-3
Israel vs Denmark: 12-2
Turkiye vs USA: 5-4 (4-4, Overtime)
Semi finals

Canada vs Korea: 2-5
Israel vs Turkiye: 2-4
Brazil vs Lithuania: 9-4
China vs Ukraine: 9-4

Day 10, 16th December (CET)
Men’s bronze
11 am – Lithuania vs Ukraine
Women’s bronze
12.30 pm – Canada vs Israel

3 pm – Brazil vs China
5 pm – Korea vs Turkiye
6 pm – Closing ceremony

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