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Goalball Europeans C – comebacks and tight matches

Date: September 6, 2013

Category: Goalball

Day 1 of the 2013 IBSA Goalball European Championships Men C has already thrown up some exciting matches and good come from behind wins.
The highlight would have to be the match between Italy and Great Britain. In the beginning, this match was very close with both teams scoring twice and looking like it will be difficult to pick a winner. However, Italy pulled ahead and was leading at one time 5-2. It wasn’t over though, Great Britain took their experience that they had picked from the London Games and fought back. They equalized and not long before the final buzzer they made that final goal and won 6-5.
Two other memorable matches were those between The Netherlands and Croatia and that between Greece and Portugal. Both of these matches were very tight with the leader constantly changing or as one team scored, than the other followed. It was difficult to pick a winner the whole way through the match. In the end it was The Netherlands and Greece that came through as victors. The Netherlands won 7-6 and Greece defeated Portugal 4-3.
Such exciting matches make us look forward to the rest of the championships and what is still to come. Please see below a full list of results and the schedule for day two.
Day 1 results
Great Britain 14 – Azerbaijan 4
Russia 6 – Bulgaria 4
Portugal 3 – Greece 4
Croatia 6 – Netherlands 7
Italy 5 – Great Britain 6
Bulgaria 5 – Portugal 8
Day 2 schedule (all times in local time)
Friday 6th September
09:00 Greece v Croatia
10:00 Netherlands v Italy
11:00 Azerbaijan v Bulgaria
12:00 Great Britain v Russia
13:00 Portugal v Croatia
14:00 Greece v Netherlands
15:00 Italy v Azerbaijan
16:00 Great Britain v Bulgaria
17:00 Russia v Portugal
18:00 Croatia v Italy
19:00 Netherlands v Great Britain
20:00 Bulgaria v Greece

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