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Goalball: Euro B with all scenarios opened

Date: November 17, 2022

Category: Goalball

What an exciting Goalball European B has been played in Centro de Desportos e Congressos de Matosinhos, in Portugal! It only takes a quick glance at the standings in both the men’s and women’s groups to see how unexpected this final day for the stage group can be.

In group A, Portugal depends on itself to guarantee first place, despite being defeated by Denmark, which put the host squad on the same points as Finland but with a better goal difference. Check out the results from Day 3, the standings, and which matches are scheduled for the final stage before the finals:

Group A
Bulgaria-Poland: 4-14
Denmark-Portugal: 8-4
Finland-Denmark: 8-7

1st – Portugal 3G 2W 0D 1L 25GS-23GA 6P
2nd – Finland 3G 2W 0D 1L 24GS-25GA 6P
3rd – Poland 2G 1W 0D 1L 23GS-14GA 3P
4th – Denmark 3G 1W 0D 2L 24GS-26GA 3P
5th – Bulgaria 3G 1W 0D 2L 27GS-35GA 3P

Matches for Day 4:
12.20pm – Bulgaria vs Finland
13.30pm – Poland vs Denmark
17pm – Poland – Portugal

In group B, Greece is taking the lead by some margin, and with only one match left to play, it may not lose its status. Great Britain and Israel are in a league of their own, while Spain and Sweden are playing their fate on Euro B. The victorious one will remain in the current division, and the other one will go to Euro C.

Here are the numbers:

Group B
Sweden-Greece: 4-14
Spain-Great Britain: 6-6
Israel-Greece: 7-11

1st – Greece 3G 3W 0D 0L 35GS-16GA 9P
2nd – Great Britain 2G 1W 1D 0L 15GS-10GA 4P
3rd – Israel 2G 1W 0D 1L 21GS-17GA 3P
4th – Spain 3G 0W 1D 2L 17GS-30GA 1P
5th – Sweden 2G 0W 0D 2L 8GS-23GA 0P

Matches for Day 4:
10am – Sweden – Israel
11.10am – Greece – Great Britain
14.40pm – Spain vs Sweden
15.50pm – Great Britain vs Israel

In the women’s competition, with the round robin system, this Thursday will not determine anything, although it can give a clearer idea of what may come after that. Finland and Ukraine have shown some differences among their opponents, but there can be no promises made. After all, Portugal has defeated Finland, most recently in the FEDC International Goalball Tournament in Madrid, so nothing can be granted.

Check the results from Day 3, the standings, and the schedule for tomorrow:

Portugal-Spain: 8-9
Finland-Greece: 11-5
Italy-Hungary: 2-7
Ukraine-Finland: 5-3
Spain-Greece: 5-10

1st – Finland 4G 3W 0D 1L 33GS-11GA 9P
2nd – Ukraine 3G 3W 0D 0L 26GS-6GA 9P
3rd – Greece 3G 2W 0D 1L 26GS-17GA 6P
4th – Hungary 3G 2W 0D 1L 12GS-14GA 6P
5th – Portugal 3G 1W 0D 2L 23GS-29GA 3P
6th – Spain 4G 1W 0D 3L 17GS-32GA 3P
7th – Italy 4G 0W 0D 4L 12GS-40GA 0P

10am – Hungary vs Portugal
11.10am – Spain vs Finland
12.20pm – Greece vs Ukraine

2.40pm – Finland vs Portugal
3.50pm – Italy vs Ukraine
5pm – Hungary vs Greece

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