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Goalball: Elite in the Ankara Cup

Date: July 14, 2022

Category: Goalball

Some of the best national Goalball teams will be gathered these next few days, starting tomorrow until Monday, in the city of Ankara (Turkey), for the International Cup that will take place at Gazi University Sport Hall.

In the women’s competition, Ankara will host the gold and bronze medals in Tokyo2020 – Turkey and Japan, respectively –, Brazil (4th place), and Egypt (10th). All the women’s teams in this tournament were in the last Paralympic Games.

In the men’s competition, the Paralympic champion will be present. Brazil is one of the national teams that will fight with Japan (also in Tokyo2020, which got the 5th place), Egypt, Iraq, and Kazakhstan.

Check the schedule for both tournaments (CEST):

July 15th

Turkey vs Egypt – 9h
Brazil vs Japan – 11h
Egypt vs Brazil – 13h
Japan vs Turkey – 15h
Kazakhstan vs Turkey – 8h
Egypt vs Brazil – 10h
Japan vs Iraq – 12h
Turkey vs Egypt – 14h
Iraq vs Kazakhstan – 16h
Brazil vs Japan – 17h

July 16th

Turkey vs Brazil – 9h
Japan vs Egypt – 11h
Egypt – Turkey – 13h
Japan vs Brazil – 15h
Turkey vs Iraq – 8h
Egypt vs Japan – 10h
Kazakhstan vs Brazil – 12h
Japan vs Turkey – 14h
Brazil vs Iraq – 16h
Egypt vs Kazakhstan – 17h

July 17th

Brazil vs Egypt – 9h
Turkey vs Japan – 11h
Brazil vs Turkey – 13h
Egypt vs Japan – 15h
Turkey vs Brazil – 8h
Kazakhstan vs Japan – 10h
Iraq vs Egypt – 12h
Turkey vs Kazakhstan – 14h
Brazil vs Egypt – 16h
Iraq vs Japan – 17h

July 18th

Egypt vs Turkey – 8h
Kazakhstan vs Iraq – 9h
Japan vs Brazil – 10h
Iraq vs Turkey – 11h
Japan vs Egypt – 12h
Brazil vs Kazakhstan – 13h
Turkey vs Japan – 14h
Iraq vs Brazil – 15h
Kazakhstan vs Egypt – 16h

July 19th
Brazil vs Turkey – 8h
Japan vs Kazakhstan – 9h
Egypt vs Iraq – 10h
Bronze medal game – 13h
FINAL – 15h

After the league games completion, first 2 teams will play final and 3rd and 4th placed teams will play for the bronze medal.

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