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Goalball: China and Iran are taking the lead in the Asia/Pacific Championships

Date: November 14, 2023

Category: Goalball

The 2023 IBSA Goalball Asia/Pacific Championships, which are taking place in the city of Hangzhou, show the favourite squads taking the lead.

In the men’s competition, the host national team, China, which won a silver medal in the last world championships, and Iran are leading groups A and B, respectively, with two wins each by the maximum score possible in the sport.

Mr. Bahman Dousti, the national head coach of the Iranian team, confessed that his players came to Hangzhou to do their best to get the last slot available for Asian teams for Paris 2024. “I don’t think the results and classifications of the last Asian Para Games will have any effect now. Some teams were affected by the results, but we had no problems with the classification”, said, remembering the bronze medal won recently, also in Hangzhou. “Our main opponents are China and Korea, although China has already got the slot for Paris 2024”, he added.

Mr. Dousti believes that his team will be in the Paralympic Games, saying the message that has been passing to his players: “We wish them good luck! Our goal is to not only get the slot to Paris 2024 but also become Asian champions!”

In the women’s tournament for the silver medal in the world championships, Korea, already qualified to Paris 2024 for that reason, started with two defeats.

Check out the results of the first two days and the schedule for the last day of the stage groups:

Monday, 13th

(w) China vs Thailand: 13-4
(w) Japan vs Australia: 3-0
(m) China vs Pakistan: 10-0
(m) Australia vs Thailand: 9-10
(m) Iran vs Kazakhstan: 10-0
(m) Korea vs Mongolia: 10-0
(w) Japan vs Thailand: 3-1
(w) Australia vs Korea: 7-2

Tuesday, 14th
(w) China vs Australia: 10-4
(w) Korea vs Japan: 3-9
(m) China vs Thailand: 12-6
(m) Pakistan vs Australia: 1-11
(m) Iran vs Mongolia: 11-1
(m) Kazakhstan vs Korea: 3-13
(w) China vs Korea: 11-1
(w) Thailand vs Australia: 1-1

Wednesday, 15th
(m) 4 am – China vs Australia
(m) 5 am – Thailand vs Pakistan
(m) 6 am – Iran vs Korea
(m) 9 am – Mongolia vs Kazakhstan
(w) 10 am – China vs Japan
(w) 11 am – Korea vs Thailand

The competition can be followed in live streaming through the WeChat platform which can be accessed in the QR Code image below.

#Accessibility – QR Code to access to the live streaming of the 2023 IBSA Goalball Asia/Pacific Championships

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