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Goalball Championships kick off in Colorado

Date: July 12, 2013

Category: Goalball

Yesterday saw the begin of the 2013 IBSA Goalball Parapan American Games and World Youth Championships.
For the teams competing in the Parapan American Games (regional championships for the Americas region) these games are very important as the top two mens teams will qualify for the 2014 IBSA Goalball World Championships. Brazil has already qualified as winners of the silver medal in London last year.
In the women’s division, the stakes are a lot higher. This is because only the top women’s team will qualify for Finland next year. Brazil has already qualified as host nation of the upcoming Paralympic games. This means that one of the Goalball powerhouses of Canada or USA is likely to miss out on a ticket to the World championships.
In the world youth class, this is a chance for many young players to gain experience and compare themselves to other developing players from around the world.
Day 1 of the mens division saw a replay of the final from the 2011 Pan American Games. It was Brazil against USA two years ago with the winner qualifying for London. In a result that shocked many then, Brazil just overcame the US team.
Two years later and the games are still just as close. At full time there was no splitting the two teams with the final score being 9-9.
The highlight of day 1 amongst the women’s matches was the clash between Canada and the USA. This ended with Canada just making it past the USA, 7-6 at full time.
The youth male tournament looks like it will be a very interesting and close competition based on the results from day 1. There were many close results. Including the USA sneaking past Germany by 2 goals and Canada overcoming Sweden by 1. However Canada then went on to lose to Brazil 5-3.
The opening matches of the youth female tournament saw Russia showing that they are a strong force. They won both of their matches convincingly. Japan also seems to want to show that they are as strong as their senior counterparts. They also won their opening match convincingly.
To view the full list of results, please read on or go to
World Youth Female
Canada 3 vs. South Korea 7
Brazil 7 vs USA 5
Germany 0 vs Russia 10
Australia 4 vs USA 3
Germany 10 vs South Korea 0
Sweden 8 vs Japan 18
Canada 0 vs Russia 10
Australia 10 vs South Korea 3
Brazil 7 vs Canada 2
Germany 1 vs USA 4
Brazil 3 vs Russia 13
World Youth Male
Japan 13 vs Australia 4
USA 8 vs Germany 6
Sweden 4 vs Canada 5
Brazil 13 vs Turkey 6
Brazil 5 vs Canada 3
Turkey 7 vs USA 10
Russia 15 vs Australia 5
South Korea 4 vs Brazil 8
Pan Am Male
USA 9 vs Brazil 9
Puerto Rico 10 vs Venezuela 8
Canada 9 vs Argentina 3
Puerto Rico 4 vs Argentina 10
Venezuela 2 vs Brazil 12
USA 12 vs Canada 4
Pan Am Female
Brazil 5 vs Canada 9
Canada 7 vs USA 6

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