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Goalball calendar – many new and some changes

Date: November 9, 2014

Category: Goalball

With so many major tournaments coming up next year, everyone is looking for some friendly tournaments to get some practice matches in or to fine tune those new tactics. Below are a bunch of tournaments that have been recently added to the calendar plus some date changes for already existing tournaments.
For full details on any of these tournaments or to view the full calendar, visit our calendar page on this website.
Open Goalball tournament for the Cup of Bulgaria
The first major championship planned for next year is the 2015 IBSA Goalball European Championships Men C. Bulgaria is one of the nations that are eligible to compete in this tournament. So for them this regular international tournament is a great chance to get some extra practice in.
This tournament will be taking place in Sofia from 21 to 23 November 2014. Teams who have already registered include Romania, Macedonia, Bosnia and
Herzegovina and of course Bulgaria. Additionally this tournament will also be acting as a referee clinic.
15th Montreal Open Goalball tournament
 There are not many tournaments that have been running as long as this one but happily it is back for its 15th edition. The tournament will be taking place from January 23-25 2015.
This tournament is open to up to 10 male club and national teams and 6 female club and national teams. Teams will receive a spot on a first in basis.
2nd International tournament for male and female teams
After a successful initial tournament, the good people in Toulouse are back for a second go at their international tournament. This tournament is open to both male and female club and national teams. Conveniently located, we encourage all to attend to further assist the development of goalball in France.
El Eman International tournament for male and females
Another place where we would like goalball to further develop is Africa. Therefore we are very excited to have this tournament on the calendar. Especially because it is open to both male and female teams.
This tournament has now been extended by two days and will now run from 20 February to 26 February 2015. The entry fee has remained the same.
The official invitation and first entry form has also now been added to this event.
PaPa Championships 2015
This tournament that has been conveniently placed as a pre-Europeans A tournament has moved the dates. The tournament will now take place starting 5 June 2015 and will end on 8 June 2015.
To add an event to the calendar, please contact the IBSA Goalball media coordinator Jo Ruba.

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