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Goalball: Bahrain ready for the Asia Pacific Championships

Date: July 21, 2022

Category: Goalball

All set at the ISA Sports City, in Bahrain, for the 2022 IBSA Goalball Asia Pacific Championships!

From this Saturday (training sessions only) until next Friday (day of the finals), five national teams will play for the continental title and get access to the World Championships, which will take place in December in Portugal.

Australia, Thailand, Islamic Republic of Iran, Japan, and South Korea all have ambitions, mostly Japan in the women’s championship, which comes to defend the title, and for Iran, which was vice-champion in Chiba (2019), and China, the current champion, didn’t come to Bahrain.

After these first days of arrivals and classifications, starting this Thursday, all the teams will have time for training sessions during the weekend to be ready for the competition on Monday.

Both the Japanese national teams (men and women) are coming up with some competition pace. They were both bronze medalists in the recent International Ankara Cup, where they played against the Paralympic champions, Brazil and Turkey.

Check the championships’ schedule (CEST):

July 25th
8.00 am – Australia vs Thailand (women)
9.10 am – Korea vs Iran (women)
10.20 am – Iran vs Australia (men)
11.30 am – Japan vs Thailand (men)
2.00 pm – Thailand vs Korea (women)
4.15 pm – Iran vs Australia (women)

July 26th
8.00 am – Australia vs Japan (men)
9.10 am – Korea vs Iran (men)
10.20 am – Thailand vs Iran (women)
11.30 am – Korea vs Australia (women)
2.00 pm – Thailand vs Korea (men)
3.10 pm – Iran vs Japan (men)

July 27th
8.00 am – Iran vs Korea (women)
9.10 am – Thailand vs Australia (women)
10.20 am – Australia vs Thailand (men)
11.30 am – Japan vs Korea (men)
2.00 pm – Korea vs Thailand (women)
3.10 pm – Australia vs Iran (women)

July 28th
8.00 am – Thailand vs Iran (men)
9.10 am – Korea vs Australia (men)
10.20 am – Iran vs Thailand (women)
11.30 am – Australia vs Korea (women)
2.00 pm – M1 vs M4 (men)
3.10 pm – M2 vs M3 (men)
4.40 pm – W2 vs W3 (women)

July 29th

8.00 am – Bronze medal (men)
9.30 am – Gold medal (women)
11.00 am – Gold medal (men)

As usual, all the action will be live streamed on our YouTube channel. Please stay tuned to our LIVE feed!

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