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Goalball Athlete Representative candidates and the election process

Date: November 7, 2022

Category: Goalball

The IBSA Goalball Sport Committee announces the final candidates’ list for the Goalball Athlete Representative election. The process will take place during the 2022 IBSA Goalball World Championship, this December in Matosinhos, Portugal.

The elected athlete will be a representative not only in the IBSA Goalball Sport Committee but also in the International Paralympic Committee Athlete’s Council.

Check the names and countries of origin of the candidates:

  • Alexandre Almeida (Portugal)
  • Dan Roper (UK)
  • Evelyn  Kalunda (Kenya)
  • Michael Dennis (Germany)
  • Sela Odhiambo (Kenya)

How will it be the election process?

The campaign period is already running until December 15, which is also the last day to vote. The voting process will be similar to the one used by the International Paralympic Committee.

All the athletes registered in the IBSA ISAS system, whether they are playing or not in the World Championship, have the right to vote, and to exercise that right, they just have to go to the voting designated area (to be determined) in the Centro de Desportos e Congressos de Matosinhos Hall (World Championship’s venue) where they will be given a ballot paper with the names of all the candidates (ink and braille printed) and mark with a cross the candidate they choose.

The vote requires the presence of the athlete, and no other system, like a proxy vote, will be accepted. Athletes’ identities will be verified by their national ID card or passport.

The election period will occur between December 7 and December 15 (5 pm local time), one day before the finals. The sealed ballot box will then be opened in the presence of all the members of the IBSA Goalball Sport Committee present at the competition, and the votes will be counted. The announcement of the winner will be made only after the new Goalball world champion is known.

The period of this election term will run from the 2022 IBSA Goalball World Championships through the 2026 IBSA Goalball World Championships, when a new athlete representative election will occur.


  • Relate well with other candidates during the election and with other athletes and during the election term;
  • No personal attacks against other candidates, IBSA Goalball officials, members of IBSA leadership or other IBSA members, although legitimate matters of difference may be raised;
  • No promises or undertakings to influence the election;
  • Candidates can’t hold social functions with the aim of promotion or influencing the election;
  • Candidates cannot give gifts or make monetary inducements to others;
  • Candidates are permitted to give interviews with the media during the election period during the campaign period.
  • No promotional material may be distributed at any IBSA sanctioned competition venues
  • Candidates may only campaign and give out campaign materials during the 2022 IBSA Goalball World Championships in the designated campaign area.

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