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Goalball: Asia Pacific in action

Date: July 26, 2022

Category: Goalball

Day 1 of the 2022 IBSA Goalball Asia Pacific Championships which is taking place at ISA Sports City, in Bahrain. Four games in the women’s competition, where Korea and Australia, with two victories each, marked a fantastic starting point for their national teams.

#Accessibility – Australia women’s national team celebrating one of the two victories in the first of competition in Bahrain

In the men’s competition, Japan got the highest score of the day in the victory against Thailand. In the other male match, Iran also took the best out of Australia. In both games, a high number of goals were scored, raising expectations for the following matches.

#Accessibility – Japanese national team in defensive position, waiting for the opponent shoot

Check all the results of the day:

Australia vs Thailand (women): 10-4
Korea vs Iran (women): 2-1
Iran vs Australia (men): 14-4
Japan vs Thailand (men): 15-5
Thailand vs Korea (women): 4-10
Iran vs Australia (women): 1-2

Today – July 26th
8.00 am – Australia vs Japan (men)

9.10 am – Korea vs Iran (men)
10.20 am – Thailand vs Iran (women)
11.30 am – Korea vs Australia (women)
2.00 pm – Thailand vs Korea (men)
3.10 pm – Iran vs Japan (men)

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