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Goalball and Chess in action at the World Games

Date: August 20, 2023

Category: Goalball

Day 7 of the 2023 IBSA World Games at the University of Birmingham (UoB) marks the start of the Goalball and Chess competitions.

Chess will have its matches in the Great Hall of UoB.

Regarding Goalball, for the next five days, in the stage group, the two sport halls of the Coventry Building Society Arena will have 16 matches per day, men’s and women’s, divided into two groups each.

Check out the matches’ scheduled for today, which can all be followed on the IBSA YouTube channel:

Day 1
Sunday, August 20th
10.30am – USA vs Greece
10.30am – Egypt vs Lithuania
1.00pm – Turkiye vs Argentina
1.00pm – Germany vs South Korea
3.30pm – Iran vs Ukraine
3.30pm – Japan vs Finland
6.00pm – Great Britain vs Egypt
6.00pm – Australia vs Greece
11.45am – Israel vs Japan
11.45am – Germany vs USA
2.15pm – China vs Greece
2.15pm – Brazil vs Ukraine
4.45pm – Australia vs Great Britain
4.45pm – Canada vs Finland

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