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Goalball: All teams already in action in Euro B

Date: November 16, 2022

Category: Goalball

The 2022 IBSA Goalball European – Division B Championships kicked off with both host teams taking on Bulgaria and Italy at the Centro de Desportos e Congressos de Matosinhos. This was the tournament’s premiere, so now it has entered full speed ahead mode with the teams in action.

All 17 national teams from 13 different countries, playing for promotion to the upper level, were on the field of play to show their value.

#Accessibility – General view of the main hall, Costa Pereira, from one of the lasts rows of bench for the public

In the men’s competition, Portugal got its second victory, this time against Finland, which still got to stand second in Group A.

In group B, Israel is taking the lead, thanks to its victory against Spain, scoring 14 goals, half of them by Mahmoud Mahajna.

In the women’s competition, Finland is flying high to return to the European elite, but has Ukraine on its tail. Actually, the brave blue and yellow squad has scored more goals, but the Finnish girls are stronger in defense, which is making all the difference.

#Accessibility – General view of the secondary hall, Ilídio Ramos, while Ukraine was playing against Portugal

Check the results from Day 2 and the standings so far:


Group A
Finland vs Poland: 10-9
Portugal vs Finland: 9-6
Denmark vs Bulgaria: 9-14

Grupo B
Greece vs Spain: 10-5
Great-Britain vs Sweden: 9-4
Israel vs Spain: 14-6

Hungary vs Finland: 1-9
Greece vs Italy: 11-1
Ukraine vs Spain: 10-0
Finland vs Italy: 10-0
Portugal vs Ukraine: 3-11
Spain vs Hungary: 3-4

Group A
1st – Portugal 6P 2J-2V-21GM-15GS
2nd – Bulgaria 3P 2G-1V-1L-23GS-21GA
3rd – Finland 3P 2G-1W-1L-16GS-18GA
4th – Denmark 0P 1G-1L-9GS-14GA
5th – Poland 0P 1G-1L-0GS-10GA

Group B
1st – Israel 3P 1G-1W-14GS-6GA
2nd – Great-Britain 3P 1G-1W-9GS-4GA
3rd – Greece 3P 1G-1W-10GS-5GA
4th – Spain 0P 2G-2L-11GS-24GA
5th – Sweden 0P 1G-1L-4GS-9GA

1st – Finland 6P 2G-2W-19GS-1GA
2nd – Ukraine 6P 2G-2W-21GS-3GA
3rd – Greece 3P 1G-1W-11GS-1GA
4th – Hungary 3P 1G-1W-4GS-3GA
5th – Portugal 3P 2G-1W-1L-15GS-20GA
6th – Spain 0P 2J-2L-3GS-14GA
7th – Italy 0P 3G-3L-10GS-33GA

For this Day 3, competition will start at 10 am CET with the matches Sweden vs Greece (men), and an old Iberian duel with Portugal vs Spain (women). All the action can be followed in the IBSA live streaming website just by checking the homepage in or

Stay tuned!

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