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Goalball: All set to the finals in Euro C

Date: August 12, 2023

Category: Goalball

All is set at the Rotterdam Ahoy for the finals of the 2023 IBSA Goalball European Championship – Division C, which is part of the first edition of the European Para Championships this Sunday.

On Saturday, like in the previous days, Hungary and France confirmed their flights for the finals. France didn’t play due to injuries in the Bulgarian national team, but Hungary defeated Azerbaijan by the maximum score possible in Goalball (15-5) and secured its place in the semi-finals.

Spain and Sweden also made their way to the semi-finals by defeating Italy (8-2) and the Netherlands (10-2), respectively, which means the group of the first four teams is already decided. From this group, only one will not achieve promotion to Division B.

Check the results of Day 3 and the matches for the finals:

Saturday – August 12th

France vs Bulgaria: Not Played
Hungary vs Azerbaijan: 15-5
Spain vs Italy: 8-2
Sweden vs Netherlands: 10-2
Italy vs Bulgaria: 9-8
Sweden vs Azerbaijan: 12-2

Sunday – August 13th
9.00am – France vs Sweden (SF1)
10.30am – Hungary vs Spain (SF2)
12.00pm – Bulgaria vs Azerbaijan (7th place)
1.30pm – Italy vs Netherlands (5th place)
3.00pm – Runner’s Up SF1 vs Runner’s Up SF2 (3th place)
4.30pm – FINAL

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