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Goalball: Algeria taking the lead at the African Championships in Cairo

Date: December 11, 2023

Category: Goalball

This Monday was the first full day of competition at the Hassan Moustafa Sports Hall in Cairo, Egypt, where the 2023 IBSA Goalball African Championships are taking place.

After the first day with only one match, where the men’s host national team of Egypt defeated Cote d’Ivoire (11-1), the tournament entered full power mode.

Since the last African Championships, this has been a time for renovation in almost every team, regarding athletes and coaches.

Algeria has dominated the past several competitions, both in the men and women categories. Nevertheless, Egypt, the host nation, has revealed some spirited performances, which means that the outcome of the tournament can show something new. Paris 2024 is a goal more than enough to make all the teams show an extra-mile effort until the final whistle!

Check out the results of Day 2 and the schedule for Day 3 (CET, local time +1):

Monday, 11th
Algeria vs Ghana: 10-0
Egypt vs Ghana: 11-3
Algeria vs Cote d’Ivoire: 11-1
Algeria vs Ghana: 10-0
Egypt vs Ghana: 12-2

Tuesday, 12th
8 am – Algeria vs Egypt
9.15 am – Ghana vs Cot d’Ivoire
1 pm – Ghana vs Egypt
2.15 pm – Cote d’Ivoire vs Algeria
10.30 am – Algeria vs Egypt
3.30 pm – Egypt vs Ghana

The competition can be followed on the Egyptian Blind Sports Association (EBSA) YouTube channel here.

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