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IBSA Judo Grand Prix Warwick 2021

The British Judo Association is pleased to invite you to the 2021 IBSA Judo Grand Prix in Great Britain.

In the documents you will find the event outlines, including the accommodation form, transport form, visa form, liability waiver, declaration of honour and contact tracing form.

COVID-19 – Pandemic Summary
The United Kingdom/ Great Britain has a number of rules and law regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and elite sport events:
• The Coronavirus Act 2020 and the associated Health Protection (Coronavirus, International Travel) (England) Regulations 2020, dictates that all persons entering the UK (with the exception of the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man) are required to Self-Isolate for 10 days.
• However, the law currently allows international elite sportspersons and essential ancillary support staff (e.g. coaches, medical and technical staff, and essential broadcast staff for the event) to participate in a specified list of UK-based elite sports events (as listed in Schedule 3 of the Coronavirus International Travel Regulations, as amended from time to time) without having to self-isolate for up to 10 days, provided they comply with certain conditions.
• This event (2021 IBSA Judo Grand Prix GBR) falls under this exemption.
• The only exception to this quarantine exemption, is for those travelling from countries currently on the UK banned ‘red list’. A full list of these countries can be found here.
• Countries from the ‘red list’ may still enter the UK if they can meet a set criteria. Please notify the organiser if this will affect you and they can provide you with the criteria.
• Travel directly from or through a ‘red list’ country is not permitted.
• If your country as listed in your passport or your home country is a ‘red list’ country you will need to evidence you have not been in this country for at least 10 days. You would need to provide a declaration stating when you arrived in that country along with a passport stamp. You will also need to document all accommodation in that country and the travel documentation of your route to the UK.
• Please contact the organisers if this may apply to you and they will assist you in ensuring you meet the criteria.
The rules are updated regularly and any changes will be communicated with you.

COVID-19 – Event Protocol Summary
- To comply with UK rules and law, the event will be run in a ‘bubble’. All attendees of the event will undergo COVID-19 tests, which must report negative for attendees to travel into the UK and for attendees to participate in the event. As per IJF and IBSA regulations all attendees must undertake PCR tests before travel, then on arrival the event organisers will perform another test.
- Whilst in the UK any positive test will result in a 10 day quarantine, this is at the cost of the attendees federation.
- The UK national health service operates a ‘track and trace’; whilst in the UK if you are contacted by the ‘track and trace’ you will need to isolate in a 10 day quarantine, this is at the cost of the attendees federation.
- Please note that the UK is currently in a national lockdown and many normal activities are prohibited. This may impact your ability to holiday in the UK; to visit locations, friends or family in the UK.

All National Federations attending should ensure they have adequate insurance to cover the costs of quarantine if they have a positive test or if they are contacted by the ‘track and trace’ service in the UK. The National Federations are responsible for their teams costs of quarantine. The organisers are not responsible for these costs.

The accommodation/transport contact is [email protected]

Competition details

Date: 19-06-2021 - 20-06-2021
Related to: Judo
Location: Warwick (Great Britain)
Sanction: Sanctioned

Contact information

For more information contact Jessica Hastings:

[email protected]