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European Blind Football: one stop in Rome on the way to Pescara

Date: May 3, 2022

Category: Blind football

The presentation ceremony and draw for the 2022 IBSA Blind Football European Championships will be held on next Monday, May 9th, and will take place at the headquarters of the Italian Paralympic Committee, in Rome.

The event will officially present the Continental Tournaments that will take place in Pescara from the 1st to the 17th of June 2022 and will have live streaming in the official IBSA YouTube account (link here).

The draw of the participating teams will be carried out according to the criteria of the new IBSA regulations and will be used during the whole Paralympic cycle, according to annual ranking announced classification:


Italy – Group A
Germany – Group B
1st Letter A or B for each following pair team and then a number for both from 1-5:

I – Spain-France

II – Turkey-England

III – Romania-Greece

IV – Poland-CzechRepublic


1st round group stage: B2 vs B5, A2 vs A5, B3 vs B4, A3 vs A4
2nd round: B1 vs B2, A1 vs A2, B5 vs B3, A5 vs A3
3rd round: B3 vs B1, A3 vs A1, B4 vs B5, A4 vs A5
4th round: B1 vs B4, A1 vs A4, B2 vs B3, A2 vs A3
5th round group stage: B4 vs B2, A4 vs A2, B5 vs B1, A5 vs A1

2022 IBSA Women´s Blind Football Championships

For the very first time in IBSA history, it will be played a women´s regional championships. This important event will have the presence of England and Germany.

IBSA Women´s Blind Football Regional Championships will be played this year in all the continents.

In 2023, as part of IBSA Games, it will be played the very first IBSA Women´s Blind Football World Championship

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