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EPYG 2022: Israel and Turkey are crowned in the U19’s Goalball European Championships

Date: July 4, 2022

Category: Goalball

The Goalball national youth teams from Israel (men) and Turkey (women) were crowned this weekend as the new U19’s European champions, in the European ParaYouth Games (EPYG 2022) that took place at the Pajulahti Olympic & Paralympic Training Center.

The Israel national team won in the final against Denmark and stayed undefeated throughout the competition, just like the Turkish ladies’ team, who won the final against Israel. The top scorers’ race was conquered by Doron Hodeda (ISR), with 33 goals, and by Fatma Guler (TUR), with 31 goals. An incredible record for both players and certainly two names to remember as secure rising stars in the worldwide Goalball family.

Here are the final results for the group and final stages:

#Accessibility – Israel national U19’s Goalball men team posing in line with medals at closing ceremony of the EPYG 2022

Gold game

Denmark vs Israel – 3-10

Bronze game
Great Britain vs Spain – 9-6

Israel vs Spain – 11-1
Denmark vs Great Britain – 12-2

Quarter final
Finland vs Spain – 3-6

Group stage
Great Britain vs Finland – 10-5
Israel vs Denmark – 14-6
Finland vs Spain – 4-2
Denmark vs Great Britain – 12-2
Spain vs Israel – 0-10
Finland vs Denmark – 3-13
Great Britain vs Israel – 4-12
Denmark vs Spain – 12-2
Israel vs Finland – 12-2
Spain vs Great Britain – 5-8

#Accessibility – Turkish U19’s Goalball women team posing in the podium and singing the national anthem

Turkey vs Israel – 11-1

Israel vs Great Britain – 4-2

Group stage
Turkey vs Great Britain – 8-3
Great Britain vs Israel – 5-7
Israel vs Turkey – 5-13
Israel vs Great Britain – 5-3
Turkey vs Israel – 13-3
Great Britain vs Turkey – 3-13


(Results given shortly)

Photos: Jussi Eskola/EPYG2022

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