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Blind Football: Strong start for Germany and Turkey in Men’s Euro

Date: June 10, 2022

Category: Blind football

Day 1 of the 2022 IBSA Blind Football Men’s European Championship in Pescara, Italy. Four games to open the competition with Spain, the current European champion, against Poland in a false start with no goals in the score at the end of the match. You can watch the game here.

#Accessibility – Captain of the Polish team, Marcin Ryszka, in dispute for the ball with Spanish Julio Sanchez

In the second game, Italy, the home national team, started well against France, scoring the first goal of the tournament by Paul Iyoboo. Good expectations for the host squad, but the French came as vice-champions and turned the score in their favor, first by Tidiane Diakite and then by Fabrice Morgado, following a corner kick when there were less than two minutes to the final whistle. You can watch the game here.

#Accessibility – Italian players Catarinella and  Cavallotto try to steal the ball from French captain Babacar Niang

Showman Satay in action

Romania and Germany came next. Maybe inspired by the women’s national team that won the European title last weekend, the German squad gave few chances to the opponent. With Tönsing’s poker and two more goals by Narjes and Kuttig, the final score (6-0) came clean as Germany’s victory. You can watch the game here.

#Accessibility – Man of the match Jonas Tönsing waiting for the free kick by Romanian players Tiberiu Paun and Florin Kovacs

Nevertheless, the real show was saved for last. In game 4 between the Czech Republic and Turkey, no one was expecting the goal machine named Hasan Satay to come on so strong! Not only did the Turkish number 11 strike the Czech goalkeeper, but everyone else as well. The end score of 9-0 is raising the expectations for Turkey, not only for the result, but also because of their high performance. You can watch the game here.

#Accessibility – Top scorer Hasan Satay in close range of Czech player Lukas Valer, which is in pursuit of Turkish Emre Aslan

Remind everyone that every game of the competition can be watched live on the IBSA YouTube channel, where there is already a playlist of all the tournament videos.

This Saturday, June 11th, the calendar has the following matches (in CET):

England-Poland (9am)

Greece-Italy (11.30am)

Spain-Romania (3pm)

France-Czech Republic (5.30pm)

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