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Blind Football: New Referees’ Guide released with UEFA support

Date: December 26, 2022

Category: Blind football

The IBSA Blind Football Sport Committee has released the IBSA Blind Football Guide for Referees, an important document to help referees all over the world to be part of Blind Football.

This guide was produced with the support of UEFA, one of the most important partners that IBSA and the IBSA Blind Football Sport Committee have to continue working on the development of Blind and Partially Sighted Football.

“Our sport’s new era footprint is shown through the rule book. It is vital to empower the officials with an updated inclusive toolbox: a referees’ manual accompanied by a series of online trainings in a variety of languages”, expressed Elias Mastoras, IBSA Blind Football Sport Committee Chairperson.

 The manual “IBSA Blind Football Referees – A Guideline” was written by the IBSA Blind Football Referee Coordinator, Mariano Travaglino, and will soon be published in different languages.

Check the document here.

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