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Blind Football: Morocco wins African title

Date: September 25, 2022

Category: Blind football

Morocco, the host national team of the 2022 IBSA Blind Football African Championship, won the continental title with a 2-0 victory against Mali in the final. The home team never lost a game on the way to the gold match.

Earlier, in the bronze medal match, Egypt got the best of Ivory Coast with a 2-0 victory.

Check the results and standings in the group stage:

Day 1– Saturday (17/9)
Ivory Coast vs Nigeria (0-1)
Egypt vs Morocco (0-4)

Day 2 – Sunday (18/9)
Ivory Coast vs Egypt (1-0)
Morocco vs Mali (3-0)

Day 3 – Monday (19/9)
Mali vs Ivory Coast (2-0)
Egypt vs Nigeria (1-0)

Day 4 – Wednesday (21/9)
Egypt vs Mali (0-2)
Nigeria vs Morocco (0-4)

Day 5 – Thursday (22/9)
Mali vs Nigeria (3-0)
Morocco vs Ivory Coast (4-0)

1.º Morocco 4G-4W-15-0 12P
2.º Mali 4G-3W-1L-7-3 9P
3.º Ivory Coast 4G-1W-3L-1-7 3P
4.º Egypt 4G-1W-3L-1-7 3P
5.º Nigeria 4G-1W-3L-1-8 3P

Day 6 FINALS – Friday (23/9)
Bonze medal match: Ivory Coast vs Egypt (0-2)
Final match: Morocco vs Mali (2-0)

Final standings
1.º Morocco 
2.º Mali 
3.º Egypt
4.º Ivory Coast
5.º Nigeria

Best scorers
1.º Zouhair Snisla (Morocco): 5 goals 
2.º Mamadouf Kone (Mali): 5 goals 
3.º Hattab Abderrazak (Morocco): 4 goals



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