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Blind Football: Maxi emotions in ‘El Clasico’

Date: November 23, 2023

Category: Blind football

All the attention of the Blind Football tournament in the Para PanAmerican Games – Santiago 2023 was focused on the match of the day: El Clasico between the two South American football superpowers, the clash of Brazil and Argentina. And something amazing just happened!

It took just three minutes into the match for Espinillo to strike a tremendous blow into the goal defended by the Brazilian goalkeeper, Matheus. The bar should be trembling until now, in a shot almost from the line of the 12 meters! It promised so much for the best match in all of South America!

Time enough to open the scorer and go to the bench to save some strength for what would be coming. Nevertheless, Osvaldo Fernandes took it upon himself to conduct his colleagues and lead the way to the goal. Argentina had a very strong entrance into the match, and that somehow surprised the Brazilian players. Argentina was showing that the world title won in Birmingham last August was no mistake.

The single goal of Espinillo kept the score until the final whistle, and so the victory was saved by the ‘Los Murcielagos’, the bat team as Argentina is known in the Blind Football.

An advantage that can come with a high price for Brazil in terms of getting the slot for the final. It is the continental title that is at stake.

In the first match of the day, Colombia defeated the host national team, Chile, with three goals scored by Juan David Perez (2) and Jhon Eider Gonzalez.

In the last match, after the superclassic of the Americas, another dramatic moment! Peru managed to stay as the winner almost until the end of the match with Mexico, with a single goal from Francesco Pérez in the last minute of the first half. Nevertheless, all the matches only finish when the referee signs for it, and Francisco Rangel scored for Mexico on the last breath!

Check out the results of the day and the schedule for tomorrow (CET, local time -4):

Wednesday, 22nd

Chile vs Colombia: 0-3
Brazil vs Argentina: 0-1
Peru vs Mexico: 1-1

Thursday, 23rd
8 p.m. – Colombia vs Argentina
10 p.m. – Peru vs Brazil
12 a.m. – Chile vs Mexico

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