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Blind Football: Last day before the finals in Córdoba

Date: October 27, 2022

Category: Blind football

The 2022 IBSA Blind Football American Championship, which is taking place at the Predio Liga Cordobesa in the city of Córdoba, Argentina, is coming to its final stage. Today is the last day before the finals, so the final standings are taking shape.

#Accessibility – Omar Otero (Mexico) is running with the ball to the goal but has the opposition of the striker Brayan Bartolo (Peru)

On Day 4, Peru and Mexico started with a draw (1-1). Both goals came in the first half and were scored by number 10s: Brayan Bartolo for Peru and Rubicel de la Cruz for Mexico. There are still the last games today, but Peru and Mexico’s final standings shouldn’t be any different from what they are now.

#Accessibility – Benjamín Cobián (Chile) is leading the ball with Maximiliano Espinillo and Angel Deldo (Argentina) in his sides

Argentina and Chile came up next on the pitch, and the victory was for the home national team. Maximiliano Espinillo and Braian Pereyra scored in the first half of the match and sealed the result.

The last match of the day was between Colombia and Brazil, in a clear chance for Colombia to stand for the second place gained from the previous day. Nevertheless, the yellow and green national team kept their strength untouchable and won by 4-0. The goals were scored by Raimundo Nonato (2), Tiago Silva, and Jardel Soares.

Check out the results of the day, the standings so far, the top scorer list, and the matches for today:

Day 4
Peru vs Mexico: 1-1

Argentina vs Chile: 2-0
Colombia vs Brazil: 0-4

1st – Brazil 12P 4G4W 12-0

2nd – Argentina 9P 4G3W1L 10-2
3rd – Colombia 6P 4G2W2L 9-7
4th – Chile 4P 4G1W1D2L 2-9
5th – Peru 2P 4G2D2L 4-11
6th – Mexico 1P 4G1D3L 2-10

Top scorer
1st Jhon Gonzalez (COL) 4
2nd Braian Pereyra (ARG) 4
3rd Nonato Raimundo (PER) 4

Today – 27th of October
7pm (CET) – Peru vs Brazil (2 pm local time)
9pm (CET) – Argentina vs Colombia (4 pm local time)
11pm (CET) – Chile vs Mexico (6 pm local time)

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