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Blind Football: Japan leads the women’s world ranking

Date: January 15, 2024

Category: Blind football

The IBSA Blind Football Sport Committee released this Monday the women’s World Ranking List of 2024. The national team of Japan is now the single leader after winning the silver medal in the last edition of the 2023 IBSA World Games in Birmingham, UK.

Germany and Japan were sharing the list’s leadership in 2023, but with the first edition of the Women’s Blind Football World Championship, a few changes happened.

The current world champion, the national team of Argentina, which was sharing third place in 2023 with Morocco, is now in fifth place in the ranking.

The national team of India, which won the silver medal in the 2022 IBSA Women’s Blind Football Asia/Oceania Championship and finished in fourth place in Birmingham, is in second place in the ranking.

The podium is closed with the German squad, the current European champion and fifth in the World Games.

“Another milestone is checked: having a ranking with representation from four continents. By putting women for the VI first, we raise our voice for inclusion and equity in the next edition of the Paralympic Games. The decision will be taken in the next few months; now is the time to join forces globally to achieve this big dream,” said Elias Mastoras, the IBSA Blind Football Sport Committee chairperson.

The full women’s World Ranking List can be found here.

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