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Blind Football in the IBSA World Games

Date: August 11, 2023

Category: Blind football

Blind Football will make history during the 2023 IBSA World Games: two Blind Football World Championships will be played in Birmingham. Women´s Blind Football will have its very first ever World Championship as a solid pathway to being included in the Paralympic Programme.

A record number of 228 players will participate in the Blind Football World Championships.

Women´s Blind Football will have the historical presence of eight teams from four continents, divided into two groups. The tournament will start on August 14th, and the final will be played on August 21st at 7 pm.

Men´s Blind Football will have the presence of 16 teams from four different continents. The teams will be divided into four groups. The male edition gives three slots for the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games. The championship will start on August 15th, and the final will be played on August 25th at 6.30 pm. Brazil is the current World Champion, after defeating Argentina by 2–0 in the final of Madrid 2018.

All the matches will be played at the Bournbrook 3G pitch (Birmingham University Campus).

Live streaming with an English commentator will be available on the IBSA YouTube channel.

A historic moment in the 26-year history of blind football. Parallel to the largest World Championship, with 16 teams on the way to Paris 2024, the first ever female WC edition will take place. Eight female teams from four continents will compete, and together with the Team of Referees, we will have representation from 32 different countries“.

Elias Mastoras
IBSA Football Chairperson

Check the groups and schedule (time in CEST, UK time -1) for both men’s and women’s World Championships:

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

Tuesday, August 15th
1.30pm – Japan vs Italy
3.30pm – Thailand vs Turkiye
5.30pm – England vs Germany
7.30pm – Argentina vs China

Wednesday, August 16th
1.30pm – Colombia vs Spain
3.30pm – France vs Mali
5.30pm – Iran vs Brazil
7.30pm – Mexico vs Morocco

Thursday, August 17th
1.30pm – Thailand vs Japan
3.30pm – Turkiye vs Italy
5.30pm – Argentina vs England
7.30pm – China vs Germany

Friday, August 18th
1.30pm – France vs Colombia
3.30pm – Mali vs Spain
5.30pm – Mexico vs Iran
7.30pm – Morocco vs Brazil

Saturday, August 19th
1.30pm – Japan vs Turkiye
3.30pm – Italy vs Thailand
5.30pm – England vs China
7.30pm – Germany vs Argentina

Sunday, August 20th
1.30pm – Colombia vs Mali
3.30pm – Spain vs France
5.30pm – Iran vs Morocco
7.30pm – Brazil vs Mexico

Monday, August 21st
1.30pm – 4A vs 4B (K)
3.30pm – 4c vs 4D (L)

Tuesday, August 22nd
9.30am – 1A vs 2B (A)
11.30am – 2A vs 1B (B)
1.30pm – 1C vs 2D (C)
3.30pm – 2D vs 1C (D)
5.30pm – 3A vs 3B (E)
7.30pm – 3C vs 3D (F)

Wednesday, August 23rd
1.30pm – Runner’s Up A vs Runner’s Up C (G)
3.30pm – Runner’s Up B vs Runner’s Up D (H)
5.30pm – Winner A vs Winner C (SF1)
7.30pm – Winner B vs Winner D (SF2)

Thursday, August 24th
1.30pm – Runner’s Up E vs Runner’s Up F (11th place)
3.30pm – Winner E vs Winner F (9th place)
5.30pm – Runner’s Up K vs Runner’s Up L (15th place)
7.30pm – Winner K vs Winner L (13th place)

Friday, August 25th
1.30pm – Runner’s Up G vs Runner’s Up H (7th place)
3.30pm – Winner G vs Winner H (5th place)
5.30pm – Runner’s Up SF1 vs Runner’s Up SF2 (3th place)
7.30pm – Winner SF1 vs Winner SF2 (FINAL)


Group A

Group B

Monday, August 14th
9.30am – Morocco vs Sweden
11.30am – England vs Japan
1.30pm – Germany vs Argentina
3.30pm – Austria vs India

Tuesday, August 15th
9.30am – Japan vs Sweden
11.30am – England vs Morocco

Wednesday, August 16th
9.30am – India vs Argentina
11.30am – Germany vs Austria

Thursday, August 17th
9.30am – Japan vs Morocco
11.30am – England vs Sweden

Friday, August 18th
9.30am – India vs Germany
11.30am – Austria vs Argentina

Saturday, August 19th
9.30am – 4A vs 4B (7th place)
11.30am – 3A vs 3B (5th place)

Sunday, August 20th
9.30am – 1A vs 2B (SF1)
11.30am – 1B vs 2A (SF2)

Monday, August 21st
5.30pm – Runner’s Up SF1 vs Runner’s Up SF2 (3th place)
7.30pm – Winner SF1 vs Winner SF2 (FINAL)

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