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Blind Football: Historic day for Argentina at La Madriguera

Date: August 4, 2022

Category: Blind football

Historic day for Argentina at La Madriguera, in the 2022 IBSA Blind Football World Grand Prix, in the city of Puebla, Mexico. Argentina won thanks to a single goal scored by Maximiliano Espinillo against five-time Paralympic champion Brazil.

The old-time Latin American classic was the main attraction of Day 2 of the competition. The victory put the Argentinian squad as the leader of the standings along with Mexico, which brings special attention to the first match today: Mexico vs Argentina!

The second game was between Costa Rica and India, and like what happened on Day 1, the results of both matches were the same. Costa Rica won 1-0 thanks to a goal by Ángel Flores. The Central American team had an opportunity to score two more goals by penalty kick, but the goalkeeper, Sujith, was in good shape and saved both.

#Accessibility – Central American player Felipe Ulate kicks one of the penalties that the Indian goalkeeper Sujith saved

Check the results, the schedule, and the standings so far:

August 3rd
Brazil vs Argentina: 0-1
India vs Costa Rica: 0-1

Today – August 4th (CEST – Local Time -7h)
4.00pm – Mexico vs Argentina
6.15pm – Brazil vs Costa Rica

1st Mexico (3P-1G-1W-4-0)
2nd Argentina (3P-1G-1W-1-0)
3rd Brazil (3P-2G-1W-1L-4-1)
4th Costa Rica (3P-2G-1W-1L-1-4)
5th India (0P-2G-2L-0-5)

Photos: Raúl Cervera/Blind Football WGP Puebla 2022

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