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Blind Football: Germany and France are taking the lead

Date: June 12, 2022

Category: Blind football

Day 3 of the 2022 IBSA Blind Football Men’s European Championship in Pescara was full of emotions! Germany and France are taking the lead in both groups of the competition thanks to their victories against Spain and Turkey, respectively.

#Accessibility – German player shoots on target with Spanish player Pablo Cantero on the side

The afternoon games were authentically a clash of giants! First, Germany played against the current European champions, Spain, which came from a tie and a defeat and needed to show some credentials to fuel the dream of defending their title. The German squad knew what was at stake and gave no space to their opponent. The result of 2-0 was built with one goal scored by Jonathan Tonsing in the first half and another one scored by Taime Kuttig in the second half. With Spain behind in the race, Germany looks now to England as their direct challenger, and they don’t have to wait much longer: tomorrow, the match is set to be the first of Day 4!

Top scorer injured

The last game of the day put the unbeaten teams of group B in the same match. Turkey and France fought for the lead position, and things got off to a better start for the squad from two continents. Hasan Satay, who still leads the list of top scorers, gave Turkey the advantage in the first half. Nevertheless, France also has a dangerous striker: Tidiane Diakite, with two goals, signed the victory for France, in a hard game in terms of injuries. Hasan Satay got out almost at the end of the first half. A serious setback for Turkey given the importance of the player to the coach, Metin Niyazi.

#Accessibility – Tidiane Diakite with the ball followed by Turkish players Hasan Satay and Emre Aslan

Anyway, Day 3 started with the victory of England against Romania (4-0). The Romanian national team managed to stop the English intentions in the first half, getting a null score at half time. After the break, Dan English with two goals and Roy Turnham with two more put England in the first place of group A.

#Accessibility – Dan English is controlling the ball with the Romanian captain Florin Kovacs behind

The second game of the day was between the Czech Republic and Greece. Adriano Bezhani and Dimos Zacharo scored the goals for the Helenic national team, sealing the fate of the Czechs in this tournament (three games, three defeats) and paving their way to qualification for the next round.

#Accessibility – The Greek player, Nikolaos Gkagkoulis, is trying to pass by the Czech player, Ales Moravec

Check the standings of both groups after Day 3:

Group A
1st – France, 9 points (3G: 3W, 7-1)
2nd – Greece, 4 points (2G: 2W, 3-1)
3rd – Turkey, 3 points (2G: 1W-1D, 10-2)
4th – Italy, 1 point (2G: 1T-1D, 2-3)
5th – Czech Republic 0 points (3G: 3D, 0-14)

Group B
1st – Germany, 6 points (2G: 2W, 8-0)
1st – England, 6 points (2G: 2W, 8-0)
3rd – Romania, 3 points (3G: 1W-2D, 2-11)
4th – Spain, 1 point (3G: 1T-2D, 1-4)
5th – Poland, 1 point (2G: 1T-1D, 0-4)

For Day 4, this is the following calendar, every game with live streaming on the IBSA YouTube channel (CET):

Game 13
England vs Germany (9 am)

Game 14
Greece vs Turkey (11.30 am)

Game 15
Poland vs Romania (3 pm)

Game 16 (5.30 pm)
Italy vs Czech Republic

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