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Blind Football: France is the new European champion

Date: June 17, 2022

Category: Football

The French Blind Football National Team is the new European champion after a victory in the final against Turkey. The 30 minutes of regular time were not enough (0-0) to find the successor of Spain, so the decision had to be taken through penalty kicks. At the eight meter mark, French players Tidiane Diakite and Babacar Niang scored their goals, while on the Turkish side only Abdullah Sumer shot on target (2-1).

Despite the null, which reflects the great balance between the two teams, the match was full of emotions, with both squads missing a hand full of chances to beat the opponent, but the goalkeepers also made part of the show, with great saves. It was a final worthy of a historical record, which can be watched here.

Before the final, Germany and England played for 3rd place, and the result at the end of the regular time was also a tie with no goals. So, the decision went on penalties, and victory smiled to the English side, with Dan English scoring the only goal of the kick shot. As the English goalkeeper, Dylan Malpas, confessed at the end of the match: “Penalty kicks are the lottery!”

At the end of the competition, these were the final standings:

1st – FRANCE
2nd – Turkey
3rd – England
4th – Germany
5th – Italy
(These top teams will compete in the World Championship, which will be held in Birmingham in 2023)
6th – Greece
7th – Poland
8th – Romania
9th – Spain
10th – Czech Republic

The next Blind Football competition, 2022 IBSA Blind Football Grand Prix, will be held in Puebla, Mexico, between July 29th and August 2nd.

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