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Blind Football: First tie in the World Grand Prix between Mexico and Argentina

Date: August 4, 2022

Category: Blind football

First tie at La Madriguera in the 2022 IBSA Blind Football World Grand Prix in Puebla, Mexico, between the host national team and Argentina, both temporarily leaders of the standings. The match was, for that reason, one of the main attractions of Day 3 of the competition.

Although the null as the final score, there was plenty of excitement, with several goal attempts for both sides, revealing a Mexican goalkeeper, Carlos Minchaca, in an awesome plan, defending tough situations by the Argentinian squad.

The big winner of this first match was, of course, Brazil, which benefited from the tie and also took the best out of their own game by easily defeating Costa Rica 7-0, becoming the tournament’s most prolific scoring team with 11 goals scored in three matches.

#Accessibility – Brazil scoring one the seven goals, by Maicon Júnior, in the match against Costa Rica

The heavy result didn’t make the Costa Rica national team step down from the match. The Central American players never gave up and tried all the regular time to best their opponents, finishing with honour and with their heads held high.

Check the results, the schedule, and the standings so far:

August 4th
Mexico vs Argentina: 0-0
Brazil vs Costa Rica: 7-0

August 5th (CEST – Local Time -7h)
4.00pm – Costa Rica vs Argentina
6.15pm – Mexico vs India

1st Brazil (6P-3G-2W-1L-11-1)
2nd Mexico (4P-2G-1W-1T-4-0)
3rd Argentina (4P-2G-1W-1T-1-0)
4th Costa Rica (3P-3G-1W-2L-1-11)
5th India (0P-2G-2L-0-5)

Photos: Raúl Cervera/Blind Football WGP Puebla 2022

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