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Blind Football: England passes the hard test in the Euro2022

Date: June 13, 2022

Category: Blind football

The English victory against Germany by 2-0 was the peak of Day 4 of the 2022 IBSA Blind Football Men’s European Championship and it was the first game of the day. It almost drained all the thrill with emotions at a high level, but always in the most fair-play it could be asked for. The match decided which national team would reach the real first position in the group: both had six points for the two wins and both also had eight goals scored and none conceived.

#Accessibility – The English striker Roy Turnham scores the single goal of the game and secured the win against Germany

That is why the single goal scored by Roy Turnham in the first half of the game made all the difference. Germany had several chances to score, as did England which had a penalty kick missed by Brandon Coleman after a too-sharp shot hit the post. This match was one of the most exciting ones from this tournament and should be watched again. Don’t think twice, just go here!

When everybody was recovering from previous irregular heartbeats, the second game of the day was between Greece and Turkey. The Turkish team needed a boost after the defeat against France the day before. Even without the top scorer, Hasan Satay (injured), the victory (3-0) was provided by Emre Aslan, with two goals, and another one by Emrah Ocal. Things in group A are getting clearer in terms of qualification for the semi-finals.

#Accessibility – The Turkish player Emre Aslan is with the ball and is passing by a Greek player

First win for the home squad

Italy also had their first ‘final’ on this Day 4. After one loss and one tie, the match against the Czech Republic provided the best opportunity to advance to the final stage of qualification. Two goals by the team star, Paul Iyoboo, and another one by Francesco Cavallotto, made the final result (3-0) and left the Delfino Training Centre in an explosion of happiness. It was the last game of the day.

#Accessibility – The Italian player, Valerio Febbo, and the Czech captain, Tomas Myslivecek, in dispute for the ball

Before that, with the current European champion, Spain, on a break, Poland and Romania were disputing important places to avoid a future play-out. Romania was ahead of the Polish national team in the standings because of the victory against Spain, while Poland had only one point from the tie with Spain. The victory smiled on Poland thanks to the inspired striker, Martin Jung, who scored twice, while for the Romanian side, the captain, Florin Kovacs, only scored once (2-1).

#Accessibility – Martin Jung, the Polish player that scored twice, is conducting the ball with Florin Kovacs on his side

After this Day 4, these are the classifications for both groups:

Group A
1st – France, 9 points (3G: 3W, 7-1)
2nd – Turkey, 6 points (3G: 2W-1L, 13-2)
3rd – Italy, 4 point (3G: 1W-1T-1L, 5-3)
4th – Greece, 4 points (3G: 1W-1T-1L, 3-3)
5th – Czech Republic, 0 points (4G: 4L, 0-17)

Group B
1st – England, 9 points (3G: 3W, 9-0)
2nd – Germany, 6 points (3G: 2W-1L, 8-1)
3rd – Poland, 4 point (3G: 1W-1T-1L, 2-5)
4th – Romania, 3 points (4G: 1W-3L, 3-13)
5th – Spain, 1 point (3G: 1T-2L, 1-4)

For tomorrow, Day 5, the last one of the stage group, these are the following matches (CET):

Germany vs Poland (9 am)

Turkey vs Italy (11.30 am)

Game 19
Spain vs England (3 pm)

Game 20
France vs Greece (5.30 pm)

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