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Blind Football: Decision time in Euro2022

Date: June 14, 2022

Category: Football

Day 5 at the Delfino Training Centre in Pescara, in the 2022 IBSA Blind Football Men’s European Championship, marked the end of the group stage. Here are the results of the matches and the final standings:

Game 17
Germany vs Poland: 4-1

#Accessibility – German player try to block the Polish opponent to get to the ball

Game 18
Turkey vs Italy: 1-0
#Accessibility – Celal Coban and Emre Aslan in the pursuit of Francesco Febbo
Game 19
Spain vs England: 0-1
# Accessibility — Julio Sanchez with the ball on his right foot, close to Brandon Coleman
Game 20
France vs Greece (1-0)
#Accessibility – Arona Sow, from France, trying to get rid off Matias Englezos and Stefanos Efremedis
Group A
1st – France, 12 points (4G: 4W, 8-2)
2nd – Turkey, 9 points (4G: 3W-1L, 14-2)
3rd – Italy, 4 points (4G: 1W-1T-2L, 5-4)
4th – Greece, 4 points (4G: 1W-1T-2L, 3-4)
5th – Czech Republic, 0 points (4G: 4L, 0-17)
Group B
1st – England, 12 points (4G: 4W, 10-0)
2nd – Germany, 9 points (4G: 3W-1L, 12-2)
3rd – Poland, 4 points (4G: 1W-1T-2L, 3-9)
4th – Romania, 3 points (4G: 1W-3L, 3-13)
5th – Spain, 1 point (4G: 1T-3L, 1-5)
This means that France and England were unbeatable in all the four games played and will get the second places in the other group in the semi-finals, the next step of the competition. Italy’s defeat against Turkey didn’t change the previous order, thanks to the victory of France against Greece, which only needed a golden point from an eventual tie that didn’t come. Arona Sow scored the single goal of the match and closed the standings in group A.
The last positions of the Czech Republic and the current European champion, Spain, mean automatic relegation.
This Wednesday, the matches of the play-out and semi-finals are the following:
* 9 am – Italy vs Romania
* 11.30 am – Greece vs Poland
* 3 pm – France vs Germany
* 5.30 pm – England vs Turkey
It is decision time in the 2022 IBSA Blind Football Men’s European Championship and all the thrill is live streamed on the IBSA YouTube channel. Stay tuned!

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