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Blind Football: Competitive African Championship

Date: September 20, 2022

Category: Blind football

Time for a break in the 2022 IBSA Blind Football African Championship, which is taking place at El Mansoria stadium in the city of El Mansoria, Morocco. This Tuesday, and after the first three days of competition, is for rest and recovery strength for the second phase towards the finals, this Friday.

Morocco, the host national team, is leading the standings with six points in two matches, and it’s on the path to getting a place in the final and fighting for the continental title. The rest of the national teams have three points each, and everything is possible to meet the other finalist.

Check the results so far:

Saturday (17/9)
Ivory Coast vs Nigeria (0-1)
Egypt vs Morocco (0-4)

Sunday (18/9)
Ivory Coast vs Egypt (1-0)
Morocco vs Mali (3-0)

Monday (19/9)
Mali vs Ivory Coast (2-0)
Egypt vs Nigeria (1-0)

Check the standings so far:

1.º Morocco 2G-2W-7-0 6P
2.º Nigeria 2G-1W-1L-1-1 3P
3.º Mali 2G-1W-1L-2-3 3P
4.º Ivory Coast 3G-1W-2L-1-3 3P
5.º Egypt 3G-1W-2L-1-5 3P

In the list of top scorers, the Moroccan players Zouhair Snisla and Hattab Abderrazak are leading with three goals each, and Mamadouf Kone, from Mali, comes in the third position with two goals.

Tomorrow the competition is back to the pitch with the following matches to the finals (CEST):

Wednesday (21/9)
5pm – Egypt vs Mali
7pm – Nigeria vs Morocco

Thursday (22/9)
5pm – Mali vs Nigeria
7pm – Morocco vs Ivory Coast

Friday (23/9)
12pm – Bonze medal match
5.30pm – Final match

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