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Blind Football: Colombia going for gold with… Brazil

Date: November 24, 2023

Category: Blind football

Nobody would realise that after the Brazilian defeat to Argentina yesterday in the stage group, the chances of getting the current world champion out of the final would be minimal. But the beauty of sports is that until the end of the competition, everything can happen. And it really happened!

This Thursday, the last day of the stage group, Argentina lost to Colombia, and Brazil managed to defeat Peru with the goal difference that made them climb to the top of the standings and get Colombia into the final.

The math was so hard to get that all the first three teams finished the stage group with the same number of points, but Argentina had a lower goal difference (7), while Colombia and Brazil got the same figures and the final position had to be found by direct confrontation.

The Colombian hero who scored the only goal of the match was Jhon Eider Gonzalez, two minutes into halftime.

Brazil needed to score five goals in the match with Peru so it could have the chance to be in first place, and so it did. It wasn’t easy, but the moment demanded total focus on the goal. The hard part was achieved during the first half, with four goals, with Ricardinho scoring three of them and Tiago da Silva scoring the other one.

#Accessibility – The Brazilian Jefinho is controlling the ball with his right foot and having Lauro Beltran of Peru during on his left side trying take him the ball. Francesco Pérez is also coming from behind but still a bit far to reach them.

The second half was dramatic because Jefinho, who saved the tournament for Brazil, only managed to score the most important goal in the last three minutes of the match. And he did it in the Pelé style, dribbling everybody from his back line in an almost perfect diagonal and only stopping at the entrance of the area to shoot for goal.

What an unbelievable thrill! That is the way sport goes and makes the crowd go wild on the stands. A true hero for his nation, for sure.

In the last match of the day, Chile and Mexico got a null in the score, changing nothing in the standings.

Check out the results of the day, the final standings of the stage group, and the schedule for the final this Saturday (CET, local time -4):

Thursday, 23rd
Colombia vs Argentina: 1-0
Peru vs Brazil: 0-5
Chile vs Mexico: 


BRAZIL 12 5 4 0 1 9 1 8
COLOMBIA 12 5 4 0 1 9 1 8
ARGENTINA 12 5 4 0 1 8 1 7
CHILE 4 5 1 1 3 2 7 -5
MEXICO 2 5 0 2 3 1 9 -8
PERU 1 5 0 1 4 1 11 -10

5th place
8 p.m. – Mexico vs Peru
10 p.m. – Argentina vs Chile
12 a.m. – Brazil vs Colombia

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