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Blind Football: Chile conquered the first Intercontinental Cup

Date: October 4, 2023

Category: Blind football

The Blind Football national team of Chile is the winner of the first edition of the Intercontinental Cup, that took place in the city of Kochi India.

Chile defeated the national team of Costa Rica in the final (3-0) and in the bronze discussion, Poland defeated Korea (2-0).

The gold and silver medals manage to lead the stage group, B and A, respectively, with the following results:

Group A
1st – Costa Rica
2nd – Poland
3rd – Egypt
4th – Uzbekistan
5th – Greece

Group B
1st – Chile
2nd – Korea
3rd – India
4th – Kazakhstan
5th – Romania

September 26th
Uzbekistan vs Poland: 1-0
Costa Rica vs
Egypt: 2-2
India vs
Chile: 0-3
Korea vs
Kazakhstan: 1-0

September 27th
Uzbekistan vs Greece: 0-0
Poland vs
Egypt: 1-0
India vs
Romania: 0-0
Chile vs
Korea: 0-0

September 28th
Costa Rica vs Greece: 3-0
Uzbekistan vs
Egypt: 0-1
India vs
Korea: 1-1
Kazakhstan vs
Romania: 1-0

September 29th
Poland vs Costa Rica: 1-3
Egypt vs
Greece: 0-1
Chile vs
Kazakhstan: 5-0
Korea vs
Romania: 2-1

September 30th
Uzbekistan vs Costa Rica: 0-1
Poland vs
Greece: 2-0
India vs
Kazakhstan: 2-0
Chile vs
Romania: 2-0 

October 1st
9th Placement match
Greece vs
Romania: 1-0
7th Placement match
Uzbekistan vs Kazakhstan: 1-0

Semi Final 1: Costa Rica vs Korea: 1-0
Semi Final 2: Chile vs
Poland: 4-1

October 2nd
5th Placement match
Egypt vs
India: 1-1. (3-2, penalty shoots)
3rd Placement match
Korea vs
Poland: 0-2

Costa Rica vs
Chile 0-3

Final Standings
1st – Chile
2nd –  Costa Rica
3rd – Poland
4th – Korea
5th – Egypt
6th – India
7th – Uzbekistan
8th – Kazakhstan
9th – Greece
10th – Romania

Best Goalkeeper: Choi Si Hong (Korea)
Top Scorer: Angel Flores (Costa Rica)
Fair Play: Romania
MVP: Victor Silva (Chile)

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