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Blind Football: Brazil ruled in the Americas Challenge

Date: July 13, 2022

Category: Football

The two national teams from Brazil that competed in the Blind Football Americas Challenge got the first two places in the final standings of the tournament.

The Centro de Treinamento Paralímpico de São Paulo hosted the competition, which started with the match between both home teams and defined the winner at the end.

#Accessibility – Brazilian player is trying to get moving forward to the goal with an Argentinian player in pursuit

Brazil’s main team was undefeated, with four wins in the four matches played, and scored ten goals while conceding none.

In almost two weeks, in Puebla (Mexico), will take place the 2022 IBSA World Grand Prix before the American Championships, in October, in Cordoba (Argentina), where it will be decided the American national teams that will be part of the World Championships in the World Games in Birmingham, in 2023.

Check the results and the final standings:

July 5h
Brazil A vs Brazil B – 4-0
Chile vs Colombia – 3-1

July 6th
Argentina vs Brazil A – 0-1
Chile vs Brazil B – 0-1

July 7th
Colombia vs Brazil B – 0-1
Argentina vs Chile – 2-0

July 8th
Brazil A vs Chile – 2-0
Colombia vs Argentina – 0-0

July 9th
Brazil A vs Colombia – 3-0
Brazil B vs Argentina – 0-0

1st Brazil A, 12P (4G-4W-10-0)
2nd Brazil B, 7P (4G-2W-1T-1L-2-4)
3rd Argentina, 5P (4G-1W-2T-1L-2-1)
4th Chile, 4P (4G-1W-3L-3-6)
5th Colombia, 1P (4G-1T-3L-1-7)

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