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Blind Football: Brazil and Argentina playing for gold

Date: October 28, 2022

Category: Blind football

Brazil and Argentina will be playing at the end of the day (11 pm CET, 6 pm local time) in the final match of the 2022 IBSA Blind Football American Championship, to decide who is the new continental champion.

After Day 5, the final standings were closed with the last matches of the group stage.

In the first match of the day, Peru and Brazil finished with a draw (1-1). The yellow and green national team opened the scoring, but only in the second half. A tiny advantage which Peru managed to overcome with one goal in the last two minutes before the final whistle. Brazil didn’t need the result to defend its lead in the standings, though.

In the second game, Argentina won against Colombia by (4-0), but this result hides the good reply that the ‘coffee boys’ gave to the home national team. The difference may lie in the efficiency of the last shot. This match had the singularity of determining the second and third places, in the event of a Colombia victory.

The last match of the day brought another draw. Chile and Mexico (0-0) didn’t score any goals during the regular 30 minute time and both teams had an eye on the bronze medal match, knowing that Peru was with its final points decided. To Mexico, only the victory mattered, so Chile was the one to take advantage of the final score.

Today, between the bronze medal game and the final, there will be another special match. The women’s team of Las Murcielagas (translated as “female bats team”) will play against a selection of female players from the rest of the continent.

With all the stage group defined, check the last match results before the finals and the top scorer list so far:

Peru vs Brazil: 1-1
Argentina vs Colombia: 4-0
Chile vs Mexico: 0-0

Standings (group stage)
1st – Brazil 13P 5G4W1D 13-1
2nd – Argentina 12P 5G4W1L 14-2
3rd – Colombia 6P 5G2W3L 9-11
4th – Chile 5P 5G1W2D2L 2-9
5th – Peru 3P 5G3D2L 5-12
6th – Mexico 2P 5G2D3L 2-10

Top scorer
1st Brayan Bartolo (PER) 5
2nd Jhon Gonzalez (COL) 4
3rd Braian Pereyra (ARG) 4

Today – 28th October
Bronze medal
7 pm (CET) – BRONZE: Colombia vs Chile (2 pm local time)
9 pm (CET) – Las Murcielagas vs Rest of America (4 pm local time)
11 pm (CET) – FINAL: Brazil vs Argentina (6 pm local time)

All the action can be followed on live stream on the IBSA YouTube channel, and the link will be provided on the IBSA website and social media. Stay tuned!

*Photos: Mariano Paiz/IBSA

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