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Blind Football: Argentina and Brazil in the final of the World Grand Prix

Date: August 6, 2022

Category: Blind football

Emotions were at the top of Day 5 of the 2022 IBSA Blind Football World Grand Prix at La Madriguera! Mexico and Brazil played for the second spot in the final of the tournament, and the home squad almost started losing the match with an early goal by Raymundo Nonato in the first two minutes of the match.

It was just the beginning of a football storm that was difficult to handle, tactically and technically speaking, for Mexico. The solutions from “Canarinha” seem endless, and that’s why they are five-time Paralympic champions and three-time World champions in a row. Although Mexico showed the bravery and resistance needed for these kinds of matches, Brazil stepped on it and gave no chance. Nonato had a hat-trick, and Cássio Reis and Ricardinho scored the other two goals.

In the first match of the final day of stage group, Argentina confirmed their status and repeated the most common result of the competition with a win with four goals scored. The Argentinian “astro”, Maximiliano Espinillo, reinforced his top scorer condition with two more goals, the opening one and the last one of the match. The Indian squad, also named “Blue Dolphins”, scored their single goal in the entire tournament by Marak Klingson, which was cheered by all the fans present at La Madriguera. It was also the only goal suffered by Argentina so far!

#Accessibility – The Argentinian player Maximiliano Espinillo has all the Indian team in front of him, but scored twice… again

Tomorrow will be the big day! The day of all decisions. Not only because of the bronze medal match, with the host national team of Mexico against Costa Rica, but most of all for a new version of the old time classic in all sports between Argentina and Brazil. Puebla has already followed – and all the fans in the world through our YouTube channel! – this match in the stage group, where Argentina surprised Brazil with a win (1-0). We are about to find out if the Argentinian squad found the weak spot of the “Samba” heroes and creators of “joga bonito”!

Check the results, the last schedule, and the final standings of the stage group:

August 6th
India vs Argentina: 1-4
Mexico vs Brazil:

Final standings
1st Argentina (10P-4G-3W-1T-9-1)
2nd Brazil (9P-4G-3W-1L-16-1)
3rd Mexico (7P-4G-2W-1T-1L-6-5)
4th Costa Rica (3P-4G-1W-3L-1-15)
5th India (0P-4G-4L-1-11)

August 7th
4.00pm – Bronze medal: Mexico vs Costa Rica
6.15pm – Gold medal: Argentina vs Brazil

Photos: Raúl Cervera/Blind Football WGP Puebla 2022

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