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ASEAN Goalball Development Clinic

Date: April 20, 2023

Category: Goalball

The IBSA Goalball Sport Committee, with the support of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), is conducting, between April 22-24, the ASEAN Goalball Development Clinic in Bangkok, Thailand. The event is specific for athletes and coaches and will have the participation of Thailand (the host country), Laos, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

This clinic was conceived to promote and encourage the development of Goalball in the ASEAN region through three days of instruction, that will cover topics such as Goalball history, rules and regulations, equipment, referee procedures, coaching tips, and tournament planning and execution. The clinic will end with a tournament between participating countries that will be managed by the clinic attendees, and they may additionally be part of a second tournament, from April 25-29, in which Korea and Australia will participate.

Aurora Zanolin, IBSA Goalball Chairperson, will be one of the instructors, along with Alexey Baryaev (Sports Director), and Bülent Kimyon (Referee Coordinator) as well.

“The goal of this clinic is to increase the number of countries practising Goalball on a regular basis, improve knowledge, and give all countries the conditions to work towards the next step in high performance. This, of course, will surely lead to the establishment of long-term relationships so everyone can work together and increase Goalball opportunities in the ASEAN region. At IBSA, we take these opportunities very seriously and do whatever is in our power to make competition a universal reality on all continents. It’s our mission!”, said the Chairperson.

The Sports Association for the Blind of Thailand is responsable for the organisation of the event.




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