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VOICEYE available for Seoul 2015 IBSA World Games

Date: May 7, 2015

Category: Athletics

IBSA and the Seoul 2015 IBSA World Games Organising Committee are pleased to announce that a 'VOICEYE' Code service will be provided during the games.

1 What is 'VOICEYE'?

-VOICEYE Code allows the blind to access any printed information with the highest information capacity.

2 How can it be downloaded?

– Search and download “VOICEYE” App from App Store (iPhone) and Play Store (Android Phone)
– It’s free! Scan VOICEYE Code / Scan or Touch VOICEYE Tag / Experience Touch Map!

3 How is it used?

1) VOICEYE Code is printed on AD Card and other printed materials.
If a blind person scans VOICEYE Code by “VOICEYE” App with the smartphone, they can access information saved in VOICEYE Code by choosing method: audio (voice), large print/high contrast, braille, or translated language.

2) VOICEYE Tag attached on the door of each room in Lotte Hotel.

By scanning VOICEYE Code or touching the smartphone to VOICEYE Tag, prople who are visually impaired can access the detail information including room number, inside structure, etc. for each room.

3) Mobile Touch Map Service: Touch Map Service operates at Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul, Sports Complex Station, Eroom Center and National Assembly Station.

* By Touch Map Service, blind people can gain an understanding of the surroundings in each place.
4. What is the 'TOUCH MAP'?

– Touch Map is the map displayed on the smartphone screen. Touch Map data is composed of many rectangular cells, each with different information. Blind people can understand their surrounding in the building and guess how the inside of the building looks like by touching displayed Touch Map on the smartphone screen.

– Touch Map acts just like a Tactile Map for the smartphone. It is also very simple to use. Once the blind person enters the building, he or she can automatically download Touch Map data to their smartphone (for this the building should have beacon devices installed). Or by searching the name of the building and download data, blind people can also start Touch Map services.

You can find more information on  'VOICEYE' Code here.

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