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Super European Goalball League live this weekend

Date: March 20, 2013

Category: Goalball

This weekend sees the second leg of the Super European Goalball League (SEGL) take place in Malmö, Sweden. For those who are unable to attend, no need to threat because it will be live online for all to watch.
SEGL is a league that aims to have the best players in Europe competing for club glory over a number of competition days.
The three competing clubs are Saltinis (Lithuania), Näpäjä (Finland) and FIFH Malmö (Sweden).
Saltinis is the current competition leader. This team consists largely of members of the Lithuanian national Goalball team. The nation who currently hold the World Championship crown.
A competition of this caliber however is never easy and Näpäjä is a team that will make sure of that. This team consists mainly of members of the current Paralympic gold medal winning Finnish national team.
The final team fighting for bragging rights is FIFH Malmö. They are hoping to use their home town advantage this time to get them on top of the leader board. This team is made up of past and present players of the Swedish and Danish national teams. There are quite a few Paralympic and World Championship medals amongst the members of this team.
To make this competition a bit more challenging for the competing teams and a bit more interesting for spectators, extra teams are invited to provide an extra spark to the tournament. These teams can be either club or national teams. This leg features the national Spanish and Czech teams (both nations are current European A division nations) as well as the club of IFAS from Sweden. IFAS is made up of past and present players of the Swedish national team as well as a member of the Great British team.
To read a review of the first leg and see current standings, click here. To read a detailed interview with one of the players who has played a vital role in forming this tournament click here. This interview includes an explanation on how the league works and how you can get involved.
So, how to watch? Please go to All matches can be followed live with commentary. See below for a full schedule. If you are unable to watch and would like to keep up to date on the results, go to
Schedule of play (all times in Central European Time).
Saturday 23rd March 2013
09.00 IFAS vs FIFH Malmö
10.00 Saltinis vs Czech Republic
11.00 Spain vs Näpäjä
13.00 Czech Republic vs IFAS
14.00 FIFH Malmö vs Spain
15.00 Näpäjä vs Saltinis
16.00 Spain vs Czech Republic
17.00 IFAS vs Saltinis
18.00 FIFH Malmö vs Näpäjä
Sunday 24th March 2013
09.00 Näpäjä vs IFAS
09.50 Saltinis vs Spain
10.40 Czech Republic vs FIFH Malmö
11.30 IFAS vs Spain
12.20 Czech Republic vs Näpäjä
13.10 FIFH Malmö vs Saltinis
Referees: Kari Räsinen, Alexander Knecht, Bas Spans, Juha Voukila, Morten Hammershöi and Vilma Basinskajte.

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