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Showdown EC 14 Final Day Sees Finland Winning Two Titles So Far

Date: August 16, 2014


In the first of three finals Finland took the title in the team competition against Slovenia. The match was close until it got into the 20 point range, then Finland could get away with a series of goals. In the end the victory was deserved and clear.

The first singles final is traditionally reserved for the ladies – Hanna Vilmi, Finland, met Elvira Sjöblom, from Sweden. Hanna, a three times European Champion and winner of uncountable other international tournaments could be expected to make it to the finals – no big surprise there, since her play stills seems to get better by the time.
Elvira on the other hand had been missing from the big tournaments in the past. Although she was always one of the top players nobody could foresee how far she would advance in this tournament – a very big surprise.
Elvira put up a great match against the champion from Finland and scored many nice goals – which is something not many other players can say. Nevertheless, the first two sets went to Hanna who let all her routine shine through. Maybe she was a bit too sure, leading in the third set 5:0, when Elvira came back, turned the set around and won 12:10. This was a wake-up call for Hanna, who didn't give Elvira a chance in the forth set – she won clearly 11:1.
Congratulations Finland, the team and Hanna in particular. Also, Elvira, well done – come back soon!

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