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Shooting for the blind moves closer to Paralympic Games

Date: August 4, 2014

Category: Shooting

Recently the IBSA Shooting Subcommittee has been working with IPC Shooting to seek inclusion of vision impaired shooting into IPC competitions, with the goal that VI shooting could be introduced into the 2024 Paralympic Games.
On 22 July, at the IPC Shooting World Championships in Suhl, a demonstration VI shooting competition was held. Later on 22 July at the IPC Shooting Sport Forum meeting National Paralympic Committees (NPCs) were given a presentation about VI shooting and the provisional development timeline and were asked to vote on whether they endorse IPC Shooting to proceed with the provisional timeline for VI shooting.
NPCs have voted in favour of continuing with VI shooting, which means that over the next year IPC Shooting and the IBSA shooting subcommittee will be doing further research and development of VI shooting, including creating a sport specific functional sight classification for VI shooters.
The IBSA shooting subcommittee is pleased that IPC Shooting will be proceeding with VI shooting and that things are currently on track with the timeline if VI shooting is to be considered for the 2024 Paralympic Games.

We look forward to working with IPC Shooting in the future to develop the sport.

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