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Important reminder for all IBSA nations – uploading info on ISAS

Date: March 18, 2015


Be aware that no athlete can be presented for classification without FIRST being registered on the ISAS database!

Classification instructions at the World Games for all IBSA sports except Athletics and Swimming

From 1st January 2015, all IBSA athletes must be registered on the IBSA Sport Administration System (ISAS). In this way IBSA will have all data regarding their athletes and their data registered on a central IPC database. IBSA follows the IPC International Classification Code.
Instructions to upload MDF and medical documents in ISAS System.

1 – The athlete must be already registered on the ISAS database with a copy of their passport, recent photo and IBSA Eligibility Form.

 2 – Complete and scan the Medical Diagnostic Form (MDF – click on the link above) into a PDF (Max. Size 1280KB).
3 – Name your MDF in this way: (3 CAPITAL letters for Country code + underscore + first 2 letters of the first given name in small letters and all the last family name in CAPITAL letters (as it is on passport) all together (no spaces) + underscore + MDF + page number. pdf.
Example: Anna Merkovic from Uzbekistan – File name = UZB_anMERKOVIC_MDF1.pdf

4 – Log in to the ISAS database.
5 – Under “participants” click on Classification.
6 – Select the athlete you wish to upload the medical information.
7 – Click on the “Documentation + relevant sport “Tab”.
8 – Upload the MDF to “Medical Form 1”. 
9 – Upload any other medical documentation including tests, reports and update of optical correction to “Medical Form 2” naming your files as in item 3, but instead of MDF use VF for visual field, re for right eye, le for left eye; ERG for electroretinography; VEP for visual evoked potentials; OCT for optical coherence tomography,

Example: UZB_anMERKOVIC_ERGre.pdf
10 – Be sure all documents are uploaded in the correct orientation, legible and in the correct pages sequence.
11 – Athlete name and date must be clear in all the scanned pages. 
12 – Be sure that documents scanned are the same ones that the athlete will carry (the originals) for classification.
Medical Diagnostics Form

It is compulsory that the Medical Diagnostics Form (MDF – click on the link above) is UPLOADED ON THE ISAS DATABASE not later than 6 weeks before the beginning of the classification.

The MDF form and other attached medical documentation must be in English, clearly signed and not older than 12 months at the time of the athlete evaluation. Do not forget the reports (also in English) for the required complementary medical documents.

For any questions regarding ISAS please contact [email protected].

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