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IBSA World Games Goalball – quarter finals set

Date: May 17, 2015

Category: Goalball

Friday featured the final day of round robin play in the goalball competition at the 2015 IBSA World Games. Tensions were high because final placings still needed to be decided.

In Pool A South Korea was able to end their tournament on a high with two wins. They defeated Sweden with a margin of two goals and then went on to beat Egypt. Sweden, however, bounced back from this defeat to power past Mexico. With this win Sweden qualified for the quarter finals and was joined by Czech Republic and Turkey who both ended the pool matches with a win, as well as Germany, who lost to Turkey on the final day.

There was little in the way of close matches in Pool B on day six. The closest was that between Lithuania and China which Lithuania won with a three goal advantage. Elsewhere all the results were very lopsided. Belgium had two of these mighty victories but it was not enough for them to qualify for the quarter finals. Instead Lithuania, Japan, Iran and China made it through.

In Pool X, each team had to only play one match, except for Greece. The closest of the four matches was a Greek victory over Denmark. Despite having to play two matches in one day, the Greeks also then went on to defeat Spain, 4-1. Six ranking points assisted them in qualifying for the quarter finals along with Israel, China and Finland.

After an initial loss in Pool Y, Australia stormed into the quarter finals. They ended the round robin phase with two close matches. One over Algeria and the other over current Paralympic champions Japan. Japan did end the day with a win though. They scored the only goal in their match against Sweden. In fact, no match on Friday had more than a two goal difference. Great Britain and Germany both defeated South Korea and Algeria respectively 4-2. Though the Koreans were able to defeat Germany 2-0 earlier in the day. The quarter finalists from Pool X became Japan, Australia, Canada and Great Britain.

This means that the male quarter finals line up like this; Czech Republic taking on China, Iran against Sweden, Lithuania versus Germany and Turkey battling Japan.

On the female side, China and Japan will continue their rivalry; Finland will meet Australia, Greece plays Canada and Israel faces Great Britain.

For full results please see below.


Pool A:

South Korea 11-9 Sweden

Germany 5-11 Turkey

Mexico 2-12 Czech Republic

South Korea 9-5 Egypt

Sweden 11-1 Mexico

Pool B:

Canada 1-8 Lithuania

Australia 1-11 Belgium

China 7-10 Lithuania

Venezuela 1-11 Canada

Australia 2-11 Japan

Belgium 12–2 Venezuela


Pool X:

China 6-1 Israel

Denmark 1-2 Greece

China 6-1 Ukraine

Greece 4-1 Spain

Pool Y:

Japan 1-3 Australia

South Korea 2-0 Germany

Japan 1-0 Sweden

Algeria 6-8 Australia

South Korea 2-4 Great Britain

Germany 4–2 Algeria

MALE Quarterfinals:

Czech Republic – China

Iran – Sweden

Lithuania – Germany

Turkey – Japan

FEMALE Quarterfinals:

China – Japan

Finland – Australia

Greece – Canada

Israel – Great Britain

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