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IBSA publishes updated list of licensed athletes

Date: May 27, 2015

Category: Chess

Following the 2015 Seoul IBSA World Games, IBSA has released an updated list of athletes who are on the classification master list and are licensed to participate in future IBSA-sanctioned events.

Click on the following link to consult or download the IBSA Classification master list licensed athletes 27 May 2015. The file is large so may take some seconds to open.

Please be aware only athletes who have paid licenses are on these classification lists. We have found out that some countries are registering their athletes but then not paying their licenses and using the ISAS number to register their athletes for competitions.

IBSA has decided that only athletes who are licensed will appear on the Master classification list and therefore can participate in competitions. 

All IBSA member countries are advised that athletes who do not appear on the list are currently ineligible to take part in IBSA events. Athletes may not appear on the list for a number of reason, principally the following:

1 They have not been registered on the IBSA Sport Administration System (ISAS).

2 They have been registered but have not undergone sight classification.

3 They have been registered and classified, but have not yet been licensed.

All queries regarding the list should be addressed to [email protected]

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