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IBSA Goalball World Rankings – February 2014 Update

Date: February 9, 2014

Category: Goalball

Above are the links to the full IBSA Goalball world rankings for3 1 January 2014.
Even though the top 10 remained the same, there is a bit of movement within the top 10. Turkey has moved back into place number 3 which was vacated by Algeria who has dropped back to 9. Canada is hot on Turkey’s heels jumping back into the top five at number four. Lithuania is knocking on the door of the top five at number six and Finland also moved up to 8.
Outside the top 10 there was little in terms of major movers. Slovenia continues to climb their way back up the rankings moving to 22 from 26. Place 26 was filled by Russia who dropped from 21.
The Russians weren’t the only ones to slip. Saudi Arabia slipped from 27 to 45 and UAE from 29 to 46.
However, there were more countries debuting after the aSEaN Para Games. Malaysia (40), Indonesia (41), Myanmar (51) and Brunei (64) have now joined the rankings. 
China lost their number one spot to the nation that they took it from a couple of months ago, Canada.
Following their title at the Pajulahti Games, USA jumped back up to number three. USA wasn’t the only nation to benefit from these games; Sweden also moved up to number 5 and Israel moved back into the top 10.
Like on the men’s side, there are also some debuts following the aSEaN Para Games. Thailand was the top one of these at 18 followed by Laos (21) and Myanmar (27).

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